Saturday, 7 July 2012

quick post about my day

i really enjoyed today. i had a lay in and caught up on sleep, that was nice.
aaron had overtime at work so he wasnt back til midday, he rested for a bit then we went for a drive (we always go on random drives when we dont know what else to do)
we drove well over 100 miles, goin round all little villages, nattering away.. then ended up at the coast :)
we parked up and before we got out the car aaron said he had a suprise for me.
i had to shut my eyes and hold out my hand.
when i opened my eyes i had a box on my hand and when i opened it, there was a gorgeous little pair of earrings. i thanked him and put them in... then i had to close my eyes again - he had another suprise! this time it was a matching necklace.

i was completely shocked, i hadnt expected anything, he just randomly suprised me with them and told me how much he loved me, arr! they're silver with real diamonds.. i did not expect he'd spend that much the little bugger!
he knows i like stars so it was a very good choice. - i also have a large star tattoo on my forearm.
we had a lovely walk along the coast, hand in hand as you do, at aldeburgh.
we noticed it was full of old people and everyone was very la-da-da (oh i say, would you like a cup of tea dear? oh why thankyou darling!) so we headed back to the car and drove to ipswich where we stopped at beefeater for dinner.

being the bad blogger i am, i forgot to take pics of my food til after id eaten then was like, oh crap!
but just so you know, i had sirloin. yum! oh and a cheeky choccy brownie with warm fudge sauce and ice cream for dessert. mega yum! if you like steak and have never tried a beefeater, you dont know what you're missing! they have them all over the country so go go go!
click here to find yr nearest one. they also have a loyalty card which is good if you plan on going again like we have done :)
after dinner we headed home for a snuggle in bed and to watch tv (big brother!) what a lovely end to a lovely day.

ooh at beefeater i saw this AWFUL car parked in the car park. why anybody would do that i do not know! i mean, i love pink but really?... really?!

what have you been upto this weekend? - have you ever tried beefeater? xxx


  1. Awww what beautiful gifts! :)
    Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    My gosh, that car really is awful :/ lol!


    1. thankyou :)
      yeah i know, i saw it and was like whaaaat! lol xx

  2. Aww lovely gifts! And sounds like a lovely day out :)


    1. thankyou, it was a really good day :) xx

  3. OMG, the gifts are absolutely gorgeous, it's so unbelievably romantic! Aaron sounds like a perfect gentleman for such a gorgeous lady like you are, Tiffany;-) I'm truly happy that you, guys, have each other!!!

    1. thankyou that is a really lovely thing to say :)
      he is deffo one of the good ones x

    2. you, guys, are blessed!!!