Monday, 23 July 2012

monthly/weekly posts: future structure

last night i decided i need a bit of structure on my blog.
im very much an organised person and like to know when im coming or going and whats happening and when.. so i wrote a list - like i do - and after some scribbling out, rearranging and whatnot i have 4 out of 7 of my days allocated for certain things.
i didnt do something for saturdays because im usually busy and dont want to say ill do it then not BUT i have tuesdays and thursdays with nothing so far so if anybody has any ideas of what they'd like to see please let me know :) i aim to please!

here's what i have so far which will start at the beginning of august:
if anybody wants to join in with any or all of the following, please do! let me know so i can follow you if im not already and please use the pictures below to link my blogger to the post each time. in return i will link anybody that joins in on the bottom of every post they've joined in with :)

monthly/weekly: sunday: ebay finds.
im an ebay addict so each sunday will be a post showing 5 ebay finds, each week in the month will be different.
week 1: bags/purses. - bags of any kind & purses.
week 2: shoes. - shoes of any kind.
week 3: beauty products/jewellery. - make up, nail polish, body/face/hair products & jewellery.
week 4: other. - anything that doesnt fit into the above categories.

if the month has 5 weeks, ive decided i will skip it and carry on as normal the week after.

weekly: monday: pintagram.
each monday will be a post of a picture ive particularly liked from pinterest or instagram.
it doesnt have to be anything in particular it really can be anything!

weekly: wednesday: wishlist.
each wednesday will be a post made up of items im lusting after.
it can be anything from clothes to shoes to bags to household items, nail polish or books.. anything at all that i would really like to buy.

weekly: friday: life.
each friday will be an update on my life.
i will share what i've been upto, whats been happening, how im feeling and or future plans i may have or any news of any type.

hope you're looking forward to this, i am! :)
if you have any ideas of other things you'd like to see please let me know :)
and if you're going to join in and take part in this, again let me know so i can follow and we'll link each other in every post to spread the word and bring people together! xxx

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  1. Taken some inspiration for this for my own blog - makes it all so much easier! :)