Sunday, 8 July 2012

finally some good news!

look at this picture. looks gorgeous right? its jamaica and yes, it looks like such a dreamy place.
however, when i think of jamaica i dont have good thoughts, unfortunately.

as you may or may not know, aaron was married before we got together (he is 12 years older remember). - im not a home wrecker by the way! - they'd split a year before we even met. well, technically he's still married..
you know you hear stories about psycho exes and they're usually blokes.. well, in aarons case it was the other way round. to put it bluntly, she was a nut job (i wont go into details as its personal and really not very nice). for some stupid reason aaron married her.... in jamaica. this all sounds fine and dandy until i tell you that now they've split and he wants a divorce, this nice little island has been somewhat frustrating!
basically, she has moved to the other end of the country (no idea where exactly though), we found her on facebook and she said she'd help do the divorce..... until one of aarons friends (we dont know who though) told her he was with someone else - then she said she wont help.
in order to do the divorce without her help, we need a copy of the marriage certificate. it was never registered here in the uk (typical) so the only place we could get one from is the general registras department in jamaica. their website wasnt working properly for us for almost a year so we couldnt order it online and certainly didnt trust sending it in the post. nobody on the phone or by email seemed willing to help us and kept saying it was working so we were stuck. last month we gave up because we didnt know what else to do.

tonight i went back on the website and thought i might as well try again just to see if they've sorted it yet and they had!!! i was soooo excited! so we ordered it and now have to wait a couple months (knowing the jamaicans it will be longer - there are so many bad reviews online from people who have had nothing but trouble trying to get certificates from jamaica) but we cant do the divorce until next june anyway so it should deffo be here by then :D
- the reason we cant do the divorce until june is cause they have to have been seperated 5 years for aaron to be able to do the divorce without her help (if she was to help then we could have done it ages ago but it will be worth the wait!) they have been seperated 5 years in jan but you have to have proof and who keeps 5 year old letters?! luckily we found one from june so its only an extra few months to wait.

some people might disagree with the fact that we got engaged before aaron got divorced but i dont, obviously. to me, getting engaged is a promise that one day, you plan to marry and whats wrong with that :) (plus how he asked me was like something from a dream! - thats another story/blog post!)

im so so glad to have met aaron. yes, he's still married but they didnt have a children together and she doesnt live round here anymore so it really hasnt been an issue and he is so worth it. im glad that he found the courage to leave her and that he managed to find someone to show him what a loving relationship is supposed to be like (thats me by the way!)
it was hard being together at first cause i was his first girlfriend since he left her and he wasnt sure if he even wanted to be with anyone yet. luckily for me, he gave me a chance and realised not all girls are mental and there are good ones out there that just want a nice, happy, loving relationship.
we got together 4 years ago in december and we're as happy now as we were at the start.
i cant wait to get the divorce done - i will be by his side every step of the way and help in any way i can until its over - then we'll celebrate! - and then start planning our own wedding.
im so happy and had to share the good news! :) xxx


  1. That really is some good news!! I'm so happy for you!

    I'd love you to do a blog post on how you got engaged, I love reading those sort of posts :)

    Laura xx

    1. thankyou :)
      ill put a post up sometime this week xx

  2. awe..I feel like a stalker reading your story. Its so cute and you are such a supporting girlfriend.

    I invite you to check out my blog.