Saturday, 21 July 2012

latest products reviewed.

last week i popped up town and got a few bits (click here for that post) and among my items were 5 nail polishes. if you saw my last NOTD (click here  for that post) you'd see 3 of the colours and also know this post was on its way! :)
to re-cap, these are the 5 polishes..

so as i mentioned in my NOTD post, 3 out of 5 of the nail polishes disappointed me.. here goes!

from thumb to little finger is the same order as the first pic and the reviews will be in the same order, to keep things simple! :)

17 (lasting fix range) - royal rose.
this is my favourite out of all 5 which was such an easy choice. as i said before, this colour makes me think 'grown up' and i like that about it :) it went on lovely, no streaks or anything and the formula was just right too - not too thin and not gloopy and i only needed 2 coats to look good. i will deffo re-purchase this once i've used it all!

17 (fast finish range) - catwalk couture.
its crazy how 2 nail polishes from the same brand can be so different.. this is the one i disliked the most out of all 5 polishes. i really love the colour, it screams 'sunny summer colour!' but it went on horribly.. it almost seemed like it had glue mixed in, it was slightly gloopy and didnt want to glide down my nail at all. it was also very streaky so application was, quite franky, a nightmare! oh and in the bottle it looks shimmery but on my nails it looks pastel.. i only needed 2 coats and i deffo wouldnt re-purchase but i would look for a dupe from another brand.

rimmel (lasting finish range) - strawberry fizz.
i love the colour of this - obviously because i love pink! the formula seemed fine - same as the other rimmel colours i have but it was really streaky and looks patchy on my nail if you look closely (you cant really see in the pics but i kid you not!) which my other rimmel colours are not. one thing i do like about it is that it smells of strawberry! even after a bath, it still smells and it hasnt flaked off like some do after a bath, so thats good! this one needed 3 coats and still didnt look brilliant but i didnt bother with a 4th. i wouldnt re-purchase this one but there are plenty of dupes about for this colour so its not a problem.

rimmel (lasting finish range) - marshmallow heaven.
i really like the colour of this one too and the formula was absolutely fine, again like my others. it wasnt streaky like the pink one, it went on nicely and i only needed 2 coats. this one didnt smell but i dont walk around with my fingers up my snozz so its really not a problem! lol.. after a bath its still very much on my nails (unlike NYC polishes) so im very impressed with this one. i would re-purchase this one.

maxfactor (max effect) - fantasy fire.
this is the polish im most disappointed about. the bottle is tiny for the price and in the bottle the colour and the tints are so gorgeous but what a let down upon application :( its so see-through hopefully you can see in the pics how see-through it looks and thats with 4 coats! goodness knows how many you'd need to make it look as it does in the bottle and you certainly would be lucky to get 3 uses out of the bottle after all those applications. it applied fine and the formula seemes fine it just wasnt dense enough at all. i deffo would never repurchase this and its put me off trying any of the other colours in the range.

do you have any of these colours? - what do you think of them? xxx

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  1. those colours look gorgeous! i would love to have some of these shades!
    great post:D