Friday, 6 July 2012

mini haul

so yesterday i nipped up town with aarons mum as she needed a few bits and i needed wrapping paper for aaron birthday presents.. needless to say i come back with more than just wrapping paper! - which you'd obviously have guessed or it would have been the miniest haul ever!! anyway!

so as you can see, i did get wrapping paper. its black with multi-coloured 'happy birthday' written all over it. it was from poundland (no prizes for guessing how much it cost..!) - i dont see the point getting fancy expensive stuff when they take no notice of it and just rip it on and chuck it!

tulisas biography - ive wanted this since i heard she was doing a book and cant wait to start reading it. i really like tulisa and from what i know about her so far, shes gone through a lot already in her life so i think it will be a really good read. - ill review it once its finished. i got it from waterstones but i cant remember how much it was.. bad blogger, sorry! )it did have £3 off tho!)

closer magazine - ive been buying this every week for the last 3 or 4 years.. although i dont enjoy it as much as i used to but i think if i dont get it ill miss it!

glamour magazine - i really enjoyed reading the last one with the benefit freebie (it would be half the size without all the adverts though) so i thought id get it again this month and its got the balance me - pure skin face wash, as pictured above. im yet to use it but i will report back when i do :) this was £2.

listerine - so i went in superdrug and it seemed like everything was on offer, i was like a kid in a sweet shop! this is usually like 3 squids but it was on offer for £1.25. bargainous and fresh breathinous! i always brush my teeth with the hollywood smile toothpaste, floss and then mouthwash. just so you know ;)

palmolive bath milk - i love this stuff! most of them smell so good and dont give me a rash when i shave unlike some cheap ones (their deodrant is good like that too, even if you cut yourself it doesnt sting) i usually get the purple coconut one but they dont do it in a big version (well ive never seen it anyway?) and the big ones were on offer so i got cherry, my 2nd fave and that set me back a whole 86 pennies!

next up is the nail files. i got these in poundland. they're light pink with white polka dots and there are 6 in a pack. i always file my nails so they're a rounded-square shape and they're so handy to keep in your bag for if you catch a nail. - i cannot bite my nails, errk, cringe!

batiste dry shampoo - i always get the pink batiste one with the green lid so i thought id try a different one as they were on offer (big ones and small ones) the one i got is coconut (i looove the smell of coconut) i got the bigger one and im sure it will last me rather a while! it cost £2.39.

lastly is the make up sponges (24 pieces) from poundland. firstly.. they're sooo soft! lol.. i didnt actually get these for doing my make up. i got them for doing nail art - like gradient/ombre effect. i had a go at it today and out of my 5 nails on my left land, only 1 of them looked good... so i think practice is much needed before i post pics!! im going to try again tomorrow though so watch this space :)

what bargains have you found lately? xxx

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  2. Great haul