Tuesday, 10 July 2012

whats on my pinterest

so everyone seems to be loving this pinterest site dont they!
- me included.
whenever i go on there (which is quite a lot) it just makes me want to make and change everything lol..

so far the boards i have are:
home stuff - design/storage ideas and things i like
nails - nail designs or polish i like
all things franky - a board me and my cousin use for all things us (we are both frank)
funnies - pictures that have made me giggle
other stuff - anything that fits into none of the other categories
hair - hair styles i like or may want to try
diet stuff - handy info on diet, healthy foods and exercise etc.
dingdongbells - wedding ideas
munch - yummy food recipes

and it looks like this:

ive really taken to pinning things so jump on the band wagon (if you havent already) and follow moi :)

see ya there! xxx

1 comment:

  1. a lot of people have been using pin interest.. I have still to go check it out!


    Natali Crystal xox