Friday, 7 March 2014

Storage Heaters

They're big, bulky and bloody ugly and before we moved in I heard nothing but bad things about them from pretty much everyone (apart from my nan!) and read lots of stories online about how rubbish they are. I wasn't looking forward to sitting in a cold house every evening, chucking on jumpers and thick socks with a throw on top.

"They chuck all the heat out in the day time and are stone cold by early evening."

That was the main one, I can't even count the amount of times I read that one! Because of this, I was determined I would only move again if the house had gas heating like we had before. Only, we fell in love with the house and knew we'd be getting really good landlords, a rare thing when renting privately..

We have double glazing throughout but our living room has the stairs in (so we're heating quite a large space) plus a big window, the back door and the cats bedroom spare room door is always open too. We've been here a week tomorrow and only had one of the five heaters on the whole time. We have had it on the lowest setting (1/2 out of 6) all week so that the heat lasts right round the clock and because it's on low, it doesn't all get used during the day so we have the option to turn it up to kick more heat out in the evenings if need be.

The boys have settled in well too.. But Chester is such a remote hog!!!
There has been a frost a few mornings so it has been cold out but we've been toasty the whole time. It's been lush waking up to a warm house and not having to keep sticking the heating on when I get chilly as I haven't actually been chilly yet - baring in mind I'm here all day too. Another thing I like is that you don't hear a peep from them and there is never a worry of a gas leak.

As I say, we've only been here a week so far but I'm hoping by only using one of the heaters on low and both heating and hot water doing their thing on the night rate, it shouldn't be too expensive. As the night rate (cheaper energy) is until 7.30am and Aaron gets up early for work at 6.30am anyway, I've been getting up and getting any washing done while it's cheap too.. I'll report back after a month or so with how much it's costing in comparison to when we had gas :)

So to anyone with storage heaters that thinks they're crap, make sure you're using them right cause it's 10.30pm here, I'm super toasty and the heater is still hot! xxx

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