Monday, 7 April 2014

What's Going On?

I'm still here.

I still enjoy reading blog posts, I sit and go through my BlogLovin' feed most nights although the type of posts I enjoy has somewhat changed and I've found myself following many different kinds of blogs.. I still follow a few beauty blogs - my favourites who bring variety, give in depth reviews, who's opinion I trust and who's writing style keeps me coming back. But I've found myself following more lifestyle, thrifty, travelling, weightloss kind of blogs..

I enjoy wearing make up and trying new products but I'm just not like most beauty bloggers.. I don't have to buy all the latest products and I can't talk for hours about make up. A large chunk of beauty bloggers are younger than me and much more girlie than me.. I'm 26 this year and feel like as I get older, I care about those things less - my interests have changed quite a lot the last few months - the same amount of time I haven't been blogging properly.

I've really been enjoying different homeware posts, anything to do with Slimming World, thifty/savvy posts, lifey/serious and/or funny chatty posts and days out/holiday posts. If anybody can recommend any blogs with any of these kinds of posts please send me some links as I love finding new blogs to follow!

I want to blog but every time I go to write I end up clicking off the page and I don't know why because I really WANT to! For now I'm going to continue how things are.. There might be the odd post but I won't force it.. If I want to post, that's a start but for me to keep clicking away, tells me now isn't the right time.. I am, however, planning on putting together a post of my favourite blogs as I've found some great ones lately but also have some old favourites too.

I hope you're all well xxx

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