Sunday, 14 April 2013

Haul :)

Saturday I went shopping in Ipswich with mother dearest and bought a few bits.. This was funded by the Money Supermarket competition I won 100 pennies on but mum bought be a few bits too (marked with *) and I still have some money left so will be getting some more bits online. Sorry about the terrible picture quality.. I don't even have an excuse :/ Here's what I got anyway!


Primark quilted bag

£9. Cream quilted bag, perfect for summer. *

Primark flip flops

£4. Comfies for summer. Size 5-6 was too small :( *

Pink hairbrush

£1. It's pink, need I say more?! * 

Primark earrings
Both £2. Can never have enough cheap earrings! * 

Primark top

£2. Size 20. Can never have enough plain tops! 

Primark skirt

£10. Size 20. My first skirt since I was younger!! :O

New Look skinny jeans

£12.99. Size 16. Love these for summer. 

New Look Inspire floaty top

£12.99. Size 18 (Inspire). Gorgeous, floaty top for summer. 

New Look cat tshirt

£7.99. Size 18. I love cats. Love them. Love love love. 


Miracle Matte Foundation Primer Barry M GellyFoundation in porcelain - £5.99. Primer - £4.99. Barry M Gelly in "lychee" - £3.99.
Barry M Gelly in "Dragon Fruit" - £3.99. 17 Lasting Fix in "Darling" - £2.99.

That's everything! I wasn't going to get clothes while I'm losing weight but the things I bought should still fit me for a little while as yet. Also, I was going to get a couple of the foundations suggested to me on Twitter last week but I put them down for the 17 miracle matte foundation and primer cause of the packaging.. Oops! Let's hope they're good!! :)
Hope you liked my haul.. What have you been buying lately? xxx


  1. Have you tried Lychee out yet? I love it. Hope you're feeling better after your post on Tuesday :)

    Rachel x

    1. Yeah I put it on this morning, I love the colour but it's not the easiest to apply! Did you find that? Yeah I'm feeling tip top now thank you :) xxx

    2. Glad to hear it :) and haha yes, it definitely takes a good few coats before it looks decent. I'm not a fan of Barry M brushes anyway, I much prefer the new Essie style - less messy.

      Rachel x

  2. Love this haul, can't wait to go shopping in Primark! Next Saturday is my day to spend my pennies :P

    Becky xx