Wednesday, 1 August 2012

3 films

3 films:
(it was really hard to pick just 3!)

i cant pick a specific one cause i love them all! i know these films are very much like marmite - you either love them or cant stand them! before i watched the first one i was sure it wasnt my thing and i was determined to never watch it... until it was on tv and curiosity got the better of me and now i just love them all! i even saw the latest one at the cinema twice! oooh dear lol.

the notebook.
arr it makes me all teary just thinking about it! i love films like this, i could watch them over and over.. aaron couldnt/wouldnt though! if you havent seen it, you really must! its that simple :)

uptown girls.
i love girly films SO much so this film is right up my street! i could watch it over and over. it has some really funny bits in it too :) you need to see this!

i love films so much! i have way too many favourites so it was way difficult to pick just 3!! these are some more that i really really love too! i recommend them all! :)
my sisters keeper, benjamin button, the holiday, clueless, nottinghill, elf, shes the man, pretty woman, twister, jack frost, the grinch, dirty dancing, the hangover, dumb & dumber, erin brockovich, the wedding singer, grease, city of angels, free willy, 10 things i hate about you, save the last dance, honey, beaches, raising helen, never been kissed, cinderella story, white chicks, bridget jones, in her shoes, titanic, practical magic...

my posts will have more structure starting in this month, if you missed the post and would like to know what on earth im on about, please click here :)

whats your favourite film? xxx

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