Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MUA haul/review/opinion.

if you read this post you'll know i placed an order with MUA when they had their 25% off offer. you'll also know that i've been very unimpressed with their service.
this was my first time ordering with MUA online. i want to say it will be my last but none of the superdrug stores in my area stock it and i really do like their products (and prices!).. if i order again it wont be during a sale thats for sure!
their website says items are sent within 2 days or 5 when they're busy however it took 2 weeks for me to receive my items. honestly, i wouldnt care if it took 2 months IF they let people know instead of leaving them guessing.

when my order arrived i was missing a lipstick. there was no note and i'd received no email as to why. for me, that is a massive no no. i have never come across a company that treats their customers like this - leaving them guessing. i only got my answers when i wrote on their facebook page. i should not have to go to them to find out it was out of stock, its their job to make their customers aware.

i completely understand that they didnt expect the offer to be so popular and that it slowed everything down BUT customers should be contacted and made aware of things and that is the problem. i saw nothing but complaints when i was on their facebook page asking questions myself.. them not keeping people in the frame has upset a lot of people and is really bad customer service.

anyway, here's what was in stock!

extreme curl mascara.
sorry for the crappy picture, its hard to photograph cause its mirror..y!
i like the look of it but the sticker across the base/lid (which you have to take off to use it) leaves a horrible sticky mess as you can see above.. i dont often try new mascaras, i usually stick to my trusty rimmel volume flash (black/red one for nights out, pink one for every day) but its inexpensive so thought i'd give it a go. it is good for an every day mascara, which is all i will use it for as its not good enough to replace the red/black rimmel one but i think it will replace the pink rimmel one as its cheaper and does the same job :) i would repurchase.

eye primer.
this is the first eye primer i've used.. usually i blink a few times and woop! its creased.. wellll... i could blink a few extra times with this stuff but i wouldnt say it was outstanding. it does give you a bit longer wear but not a whole day or anything.. well, not on me anyway but we're all different remember so what works for one may not work for another and vise versa. im not sure if id repurchase, maybe ill try some other brands. any suggestions?

lipstick: shade 15 - juicy.
i didnt know what to expect from this but i was pleasantly suprised. i wouldnt normally pick this shade but its so cheap i thought id give it a go! i really like it. its not drying and doesnt bleed halfway down your face either. as with most lipsticks, it doesnt last all day but it takes seconds to top it up again so its really not a problem for me. i deffo would repurchase.

nail polish: shade 12.
i absolutely LOVE this colour. i absolutely HATE everything else about it! - it applies so streaky because the brush on it is rubbish. i done 3 coats and had quite a bit on the brush for the last one which evened it out a bit but took forever to dry :/ next time i use it, ill use a brush from a different polish. i would not repurchase because of the brush. if anyone knows a spot on dupe for this pleeease let me know :)

trio eyeshadow: smoke screen.
i couldnt wait to try this out, i love the pearly white and the blackish one. the greyish one i wish was slightly lighter but i dont dislike it. these 3 shades are great for a smokey eye look. i do wish the black was a bit darker but once they're all together on your eye it looks really nice. i would repurchase.

lip balm: sweet kiss.
i looove the smell of this, its delish! it has a slight colour when you put it on but not enough to make much difference or need to look in the mirror when you do it! i keep this in my handbag as i hate dry lips and its so handy. its bigger than i thought it would be - i thought it would be tiny but its 2" wide (yes i measured! lol) i dont know if its just me but it feel like it bleeds a lot so i try not to put too much on. i probably would repurchase though cause it smells so good!

eye liner: rich brown.
sorry about the crappy picture :/ i didnt buy this to use as an eye liner, i bought it to draw on my eyebrows! - i do have eyebrows but cause i used to pluck them to death you cant really see them unless i draw them on so thats what i do. its the perfect shade and is easy to work with, maybe a little too easy though, it doesnt take much for it to wipe off. - yes, i should have bought an eyebrow pencil but i liked that it had a sharpener on the end and the eyebrow one didnt! lol :) i will keep using it though, its not that bad. im not sure if id repurchase.. maybe id try the proper eyebrow one lol.. although the other 2 i have are eye liners too cause they were the right shades!

so there we have it :)
have you purchased any of the same items? - what did you think of them?
has anyone else experienced problems with orders? xxx


  1. Great post dear btw I just moved to a new blog! please check out my blog and if you like it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  2. I love MUA, their eyeshadows are fantastic! x

  3. wonderful products :) wish I could find them in Canada :( I am following ! Hope you will check out my blog too!

  4. Hmm sure the products are cheap but they don't seem to even be worth the few pounds that they cost, I'd rather splash out for something a bit better quality :/ they do have some good things though, have you tried their eyeshadows?! I've recently experience terrible customer service too and it's awful, definitely puts me off buying from them again! xx