Sunday, 5 August 2012

ebay finds #1

if you read this post you'll know ive planned more structure for my blog.
starting this month, ill have weekly ebay wants, pintagram, wishlist & life.
(for more info on these please click here where i've explained them)

if anyone wants to join in please do, its a great opportunity to bring people together so the more the merrier! (dont forget to leave a comment to let me know!)
- please use the picture below if you're joining in with 'ebay finds' and in return i will link anyone that joins in at the bottom of each post (for the one they're joining in with) :)

so today is sunday which means its 'ebay finds' day.
as its the first sunday in the month, this post will be any type of bags/purses etc.

1: studded clutch - £8.99 (+ £2.99 postage) click here!
2: beige handbag - £12.39 (free postage) click here!
3: stud clutch - £14.99 (+ £2.99 postage) click here!
4: skull handbag - £16.95 (+ £3.95 postage) click here!
5: shoulder bag - £5.99 (+ £4.99 postage) click here!

personally, i really want all 5 of these items! ill deffo be getting at least 1 or 2 when i have some pennies :)
which one do you like best? xxx


  1. So pretty! Really great finds! We need to get back on our Ebay game!

    ox from NYC!


  2. These are all amazing! My favourite is definitely the skull handbag though xx

    1. thanks :) yeah im loving all the skull things at the mo! x

  3. Ebay has amazing deals, and the prices cannot be beat usually!
    I am stopping by from the blog hop to say hello :) Feel free to check out my blog too!
    -S from Canadian Beauty

  4. I love them all! My favourites are for sure 2 & 5 - the bigger the bag the better! haha!