Monday, 6 August 2012

pintagram #2

if you read this post you'll know ive planned more structure for my blog.
starting this month, ill have weekly ebay wants, pintagram, wishlist & life.
(for more info on these please click here where i've explained them)

if anyone wants to join in please do, its a great opportunity to bring people together so the more the merrier! (dont forget to leave a comment to let me know!)
- please use the picture below if you're joining in with 'ebay finds' and in return i will link anyone that joins in at the bottom of each post (for the one they're joining in with) :)
so today is monday which means its 'pintagram' day.
as i shared a pic from pinterest last monday, ill share one from my instagram today.

i took this picture myself last thursday as i was walking back from my grandparents house..
the sky looked really mean and unusual.. unusual enough for me to quickly take a few pics anyway.. then i turned around and saw THIS! is it me or does it look like a small tornado?! - above the van/house.. i only had my phone on me so couldnt get a very good pic but it freaked me out so i hurried home.

strange thing was that the next day there was a similar picture in the paper from a few days before which was also very stormy and the pic was taken from the same area on the estate. freaky!

the weather has been so weird lately.. we've had a storm every day/evening for the last few days - i dont like it!! whats the weather been doing where you are? oh and if anyone knows where the sun is, do ask it what on earth its playing at lol :) xxx


  1. This summer has actually been so ridiculous, i actually bought a scarf last week, a literal scarf! Creepy sky.. xx

    Ps. Hosting a giveaway on my blog within the next week, hint - galaxy print! So keep an eye out if you're interested

    1. i know, im sat here in my winter clothes - whats goin on! lol..
      ill keep my eyes peeled :) xx

  2. OMG I would have been absolutely terrified! I live in NC where tornadoes are rare, but we got a huge one last year that did significant damage but lucky I wasn't immediately effected. Ever since then I have been horrified of dark clouds like that and thunder storms! So scary!

    1. lucky you werent effected but i dont blame you for being horrified now, i would be too! x

  3. HEY i love your blog, and for that reason i have nominated you for the Liebster Award :D jump over to!

    1. arr thankyou so much, i will take a look now! :) xx