Wednesday, 15 August 2012

wishlist #2

my wednesday wishlist :)
following the theme that we're moving next weekend, these are bits i want for the home!

1. ottoman - argos - £39.99 (£8.95 postage) - click here!
2. light shade - argos - £14.99 (free pick up from store) - click here!
3. hetty hoover - kitchen science - £93.99 (free delivery) - click here!
4. mirror - dunelm mill - £69.99 (free pick up from store/£3.95 postage) - click here!
5. soft cushion (various colours) - ebay - £3.20 each (free delivery) - click here!

i really want all of the above!
i know we're deffo getting a hetty (once our cheap tesco hoover packs in) and the cushion covers.
im sure i could find an ottoman cheaper than that (although i do really like it...) and the mirror and light shade are around everywhere so we'll have no trouble finding those or similar :)

do you have your own place or any plans to move out yet? xxx

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if you read this post you'll know ive planned more structure for my blog.
starting this month, ill have weekly ebay wants, pintagram, wishlist & life.
(for more info on these please click here where i've explained them)

if anyone wants to join in please do, its a great opportunity to bring people together so the more the merrier! (dont forget to leave a comment to let me know!) - please use the picture at the top if you're joining in and in return i will link anyone that joins in at the bottom of each post (for the one they're joining in with) :)


  1. Love that mirror! Great wishlist! xx
    Beauty by T

  2. hi! this is a great post! i loved it!
    I am your new follower! I found you via BlogLoveTherapy
    hope you can stop by my blog and why not...become my follower too =)

  3. i haven't seen the hetty hoover in ages! brings back good memories!

    please take a look,

  4. We have a hetty at work, prefer old Henry though!

    1. i think i only like hetty cause its pink! lol x