Friday, 10 August 2012

life #2 (good news at last!)


today is friiiiday. which means its a life post today.. dear diary and all that!

AT LAST! me and aaron have got some briiillllliant news! :D 
we've been looking for a private landlord for a while now and had no luck (private is better for so many reasons and after last time, well, we werent willing to deal with poxy estate agents again!) i happened to be looking through a for sale group on facebook and there it was! someone saying about a bloke with a few properties. aaron phoned him, we met him last night, viewed 2 properties and phoned him back tonight to say yessss we wanna go for it! woooooooop! our own space again, finally! i am so chuffed, can you tell?! lol..
its a 2 bed flat but it has an upstairs and a downstairs like a house would and 2 bathrooms. there is a flat below (small 1 bed on one level) and nobody above us. whoever was in it last decorated it badly colour wise! - the kitchen is bright green, the downstairs loo is lime green, the living room is bright yellow and navy, the main bedroom is bright orange (and the carpet!!), the 2nd bedroom is light pink with a dolly border (and a bright pink carpet) and the upstairs bathroom is purple and lilac. so we're going to decorate like all of it! 
the bloke also showed us a 2/3 bed house. he is a builder by trade and has completely gutted it out as he's planned on moving the stairs to make the living room bigger. then he's going to fit a brand new kitchen and bathroom and obviously all the walls will be perfect as they'll have been plastered. also it has french doors leading out to a big garden. he said if we want, we can move into the flat until he's finished the house and then we can have the house if we want. wowzers!! fingers crossed it will be in our price range. we find out tomorrow when we meet him again. 
the only down side is that it isnt in our town we live atm - where we've lived most of our lives and grew up. its 15 miles away in the next town and joined by a dual carriage way so its on a good road. And also it doesnt have a garden but if we're not staying its not a big deal. the fact that we'll have our own space again more than makes up for the negatives though.
hopefully we'll be moving in 3 weeks - we find out for sure tomorrow. im soo excited!!

in other news.. im seeing my parents for the first time in over 2 months tomorrow. they asked us over so we said yes.. it was about time i suppose so i wonder how that will go.. - i will report back! i bet it will be a bit awkward at first but hey.. better than us not speaking for so long. my sister will be there til 6 and apparently she said about me going there before she leave and we'll be civil. im really not sure.. to be honest im not keen on it. im just not interested in having anything to do with her.

also, aarons marriage certificates turned up from jamaica. way quicker than we thought they would so pretty chuffed about that. will be getting the divorce done start of next year then we've got a wedding to plan, yayy!

i think thats about it this week :) have you had any good news? xxx

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  1. Wow congratulations girlie! I think I need my own place, but I am going back to Uni so I guess it doesn't matter. Hmmm good news? I bought this really cool hat right before it was sold out!

    Check out my blog if you're so inclined: