Wednesday, 1 August 2012

pintagram #1

if you read this post you'll know ive planned more structure for my blog.

starting this month, ill have weekly ebay wants, pintagram, wishlist & life.
(for more info on these please click here where i've explained them)

if anyone wants to join in please do, its a great opportunity to bring people together so the more the merrier! (dont forget to leave a comment to let me know!)
- please use the picture below if you're joining in with 'pintagram' and in return i will link anyone that joins in at the bottom of each post (for the one they're joining in with) :)

if you'd like to start ebay wants, wishlist or life before i have, do feel free - i have put the pictures [here!] for anyone thats joining in to use. - again, dont forget to leave a comment letting me know so i can link you at the bottom when i do the posts :)

so today is monday which means is 'pintagram' day.
i've decided to share a picture from pinterest this week :)

Pinned Image

i repinned this as soon as i saw it. - its so true!
when i was younger i didnt need an excuse to argue with people, i almost liked arguing i think. nowadays (now ive grown up) i dont like arguing at all. i want an easy life and so i try not to argue with people that mean a lot to me. unfortunately, sometimes you just cant agree and it does turn into an argument but 9 times out of 10 i will think about what im saying and try to walk away because i dont want to say something i dont mean just because im angry.

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will you be joining in with any of my posts? :) xxx

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