Thursday, 9 August 2012

mini haul

last week i went to ipswich with my cousin/best friend, stacy (frank) and her beautiful daughter mia and had a little spend.. then got a couple more bits last weekend..
i know, i know.. i should have done this mini haul sooner but im doing it now and its my blog so nerr :)
secondly, i had a really good day.. our feet were ready to fall off at the end of it but it was so nice to have a good catch up! we used to see each other every week but we cant anymore so i always really look forward to when we can see each other. Plus i absolutely adore little mia! she's 2 this month (although you'd think she's older) and i swear i've never met a more adorable little girl.. she's so cute and funny too.

anyway, here's what i got!
sorry for all the different coloured backgrounds, im a terrible blogger i know lol..

1. dusty pink cardigan - primark - £10
2. cream & navy top - new look - £24.99 (here!)
3. garnier gradual tan - superdrug - £3.55 (here!)
4. earrings (6 pairs) - primark - £2
5. hair donut - primark - £1
6. nail polish (shade: 88 pinball) - asda - £1.75 (here!)
7. metallic pink paint - B&Q - £1.10

if you want to know a bit more, keep reading :)

frank trying things on!
i didnt realise primark went up to a size 20 til last week :O although i always think their sizes come up small so its not really like a 20 anyway in my opinion. i think if they done bigger sizes they'd make so much more money.. not that it really effects me but still.. i really liked the cardi i got, i had to size up but it looks really nice on :)

the top from new look is my favourite thing i've bought in a long time. its from the inspire range. when i saw it i was like "ooh i like that.. *checks tag* .. 24.99!!" (please note: i really do not like to spend much on clothes because its just not necessary! although if i had lots of pennies it would be a different story obviously..) frank made me try it on anyway and i only went and fell in love with it! then she made me buy it, yes, she really had force me and everything....! lol..

i've been wanting the garnier moisturiser gradual tanning stuff for a while now since reading about it on various other blogs. i fiiinally remembered to get it and im so glad i did! goodbye casper!!! i really like the smell of it and love how it gives me a natural slight tanned look and not the you've-been-tangoed look which is really awful by the way! i have never used a self tanning product before because its not really 'me' but ones like this leave your skin soft and arent drastic or anything in colour, its just right :) - oh i got the light one by the way.

i thought the earrings were really cute, i love cheap earrings and have so many - its nice to change them regular and not wear the same ones all the time. i especially liked the pink flower ones.

funniest pic of the day! mia trying to
get her little mouth round a burger!
ive also been meaning to get a hair donut for the last 10,000 years! im so forgetful sometimes :/ i love sticking my hair up in a nice neat bun when i cant be bothered to do my hair! its so quick and easy to use after you've done it once :) and what a bargain it was! (i got the last one in the shop, yeeeaahhh boy!)

the nail polish looks so nice in the bottle and if you can apply it well, it looks nice on your nails. the brush on it is shockingly crap and its quite thick and a bit gloopy (unlike other asda polishes which are usually a bit thin and runny) also after i'd finished wiping all round my nails i noticed it started to bubble!? i've never had this with a polish before (baring in mind i have just under 100 polishes in various brands) so was pretty unimpressed with this one and probably wont wear it much at all.

i have a notice board thingy (cork backing with pins) and it was a boring wood colour.. i painted the border with an old pink nail polish i didnt use anymore but 2 coats wasnt enough and it had run out so when we popped into B&Q i wandered off and found the metallic pink paint. i loove it! i found it in with all the small sample pots/glow in the dark paint.

oooh from primark i also got like 5 bits of underwear (thongs if you really must know!) but i dont really wanna go taking pics of them for all to see! lol..

have you bought any of the things i got? - what did you think of them? xxx


  1. I love the cardigan!

  2. hey you got a donut! stay tuned tomorrow i am doing a donut 'how to' post :D xx

  3. I have the Pinball polish too and also wasn't very impressed. I bought a similar one - by the same range - called No Excuses and the consistency/application/everything is way better so I couldn't even put it down to it being cheaper than most polishes. Very strange. Hope you have more luck with the range in future haha :)

    Rachel x

    1. glad it wasnt just a dud one i picked, must be all in that colour! i have a pink by the same range and i love it.. strange! x