Monday, 13 August 2012

pintagram #3

monday is pintagram day (pinterest/instagram.. see what i did there?) and i alternate pinterest and instagram every week.. this week is pinterest again.. do you have pinterest? are you a pin-addict? i larrrrve it!
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so if you read my life #2 post you'll know my good news! (that me and aaron have another place!)
as we're only living in the flat until the house is finished we're just going to paint magnolia everywhere but we've been thinking about what colours we'd like once we get in the house..

black furniture for living room2

we have black leather sofas and black living room furniture so we think something like this would look lush! - and really cosy :) i cant wait, it makes me so excited!

what colours do you like for a living room? xxx

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if you read this post you'll know ive planned more structure for my blog.
starting this month, ill have weekly ebay wants, pintagram, wishlist & life.
(for more info on these please click here where i've explained them)

if anyone wants to join in please do, its a great opportunity to bring people together so the more the merrier! (dont forget to leave a comment to let me know!)
- please use the picture at the top if you're joining in and in return i will link anyone that joins in at the bottom of each post (for the one they're joining in with) :)

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