Monday, 27 May 2013

20 Questions, Part 2.

Having thoroughly enjoyed answering questions 1-10 here, I'm now back for more to do the last lot! I don't know if people actually enjoy reading these on blogs but I do and I'll enjoy reading back on it one day so I'm doing it anyway! :)

11. What's the hardest part of growing up?

I think I've always felt like quite an independent person, I've never relied heavily on my parents like my sister does so I don't think I've found growing up that hard. I've always been quite forward, mature and level headed so I think that has helped. Maybe the hardest bit is realising it's not all plain sailing like you imagine it to be when you're young and that sometimes crappy things do happen but you need to work through it with a positive attitude.

12. Describe 5 weaknesses and 5 strengths you have.


I lack confidence.
I'm short tempered.
I'm impatient.
I can be very stubborn.
I asked Aaron for the last one, he said "chocolate!" hahaha!


I'm honest.
I'm caring.
I have good morals.
I have a good sense of humour.
I asked Aaron for the last one again and he said "you're thoughtful" aw!

13. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

My relationship with Aaron. My first serious relationship too, wowzers!
My blog. It might be small but I'm proud of it.
My weightloss. I've never stuck to a diet this long before, ever!
Dealing with my anxiety. It still shows it's ugly head sometimes but I'm getting there thankfully.
Becoming a stronger, more positive person. I have Aaron to thank for that :)

14. What is the thing you most wish you were good at?

Singing! I love singing along to my favourite songs, the only problem is that I'm not very good at it! I'm not completely terrible when I'm properly trying but I'd love to have an amazing voice like Ellie Goulding or someone like that. I love her voice.

15. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Gosh, that's a hard one! You never know what life is going to throw at you. I've learned to just go with it, cross all those bridges when I get to them and take life as it comes. I do hope that me and Aaron have found a new house, had a baby, had some nice holidays and are both in good jobs by then though :)

16. What's your favourite holiday and why?

My favourite holiday has to be the first one Aaron and I had together, 2 weeks in Ibiza. That island is nothing like you imagine. The only area that wasn't very nice was San Antonio.. There are some really pretty parts elsewhere though. We hired a jeep and went round the whole island, we're not ones for sitting around doing nothing by the pool all day or sitting in the bar all night, we can do that at home!

17. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be?

I'm probably going to make myself sound so uneducated here but I honestly do not know. I find history so boring and never really listened at school..

18. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

Just about everything to do with image and anything outside of the "norm" I'm talking womens size, hair colour, race, sexual orientation.. the lot! It's wrong when people are treated differently for being smaller, larger, ginger, black, white, gay, lesbian.. We're all human at the end of the day. People are bullied for being skinny or for being fat. Even those in the middle are usually called one or the other by someone! People are bullied for having different coloured hair.. HAIR for goodness sake. People are bullied for having different coloured skin. People are bullied for being attracted to someone else of the same sex. I don't get it. There is good and bad in everyone, every single person on the planet has good and bad qualities and nobody should be made to feel bad for being who they are.

19. What is your favourite part of your body and why?

It's gotta be my hair. I love my hair :) It's so thick and getting pretty long too. I always take care of my hair now.. I learned the hard way when I had a perm that went wrong and had all my hair cut off, let it grow then dyed it so much it started to fall out :/ oops..

20. List 10 things you'd like to be remembered for.

10?! Better get my thinking cap on then!!
My humour. I really love a good laugh and think I have a good sense of humour.
My honesty. Sometimes you might not like what you hear but you'll always know where you stand and exactly what I think. I think this is a good attribute, more people need it!
Being caring. If someone I get on with is down, I genuinely care and want to be there for them.
Having good morals. Aaron said that's one thing he really liked about me before we got together :)
Being good at giving advice. I have a few friends that come to me for advice. I say it how it is and I'm honest, I won't beat about the bush to save their feelings, I'm honest because I care and want them to be happy.
Being down to earth. It's not as common as I'd like unfortunately but I think it's one of the best qualities a person can have.

I actually cant think of anymore, sorry!

So there we have it! If you do any of these sorts of posts, let me know cause I love reading them! xxx

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