Monday, 13 May 2013

DIY Nail Rack

If you follow me on Instagram you may well know that Aaron and his dad made me a rack for all my nail polish to sit nicely on :) It was probably like 2 months ago now but I had to order spray paint and then wait for Aaron to actually put it up on the wall for me!
I was fed up of my nail polish being chucked in a drawer, I found I was using the same colours over and over rather than mixing it up because I couldn't be arsed to root through them all so I decided I needed a solution! I searched online for nail polish displays and racks and found they were a bit pricey.. Then I remembered a DIY nail rack I'd seen on Pinterest and asked Aaron if he'd make me one. Obviously he said yes :)

We bought an MDF board from B&Q and took it to Aarons dad to cut on his electric saw. The board was just over £8 and 6mm thick. That one board was enough for the frame and shelves and it's pretty big.. I have over 100 polishes and have 2 or 3 shelves left to fill but you just make it however big you want. I already had a 3mm hardboard back for it which helps give it strength, they're around £2 or £3 from B&Q as well.

We measured the sizes I wanted (it's up to you how wide you want the shelves to be and how tall/how many shelves you want - make sure to check the height with your tallest polish!) then Aaron and his dad cut it all. You can buy pre-cut bits if you don't have anything to cut it with, it only works out a few pounds more so still way, way cheaper than buying a new one.
The backboard was cut to size then the frame laid on top. We used wood glue as well as nails to make it stronger as it's so big but just nails would be fine if it were smaller. We left the glue to set for a few hours then took it home. I hand painted it white before deciding spray paint would have looked much nicer (as you do) so I ordered some spray paint off Ebay (half the price of shops so worth waiting a couple of days, unless you don't mind wasting money) and got Aaron to spray it cause he's a bloke and they're good at stuff like that ;)

A couple of weeks later Aaron finally drilled 3 holes (2 at the top, 1 at the bottom) and put it up for me, yipeee!! Above is my little area where I get ready. I took this picture on my phone deliberately - I didn't want to give much away as I have a separate post lined up with clear, close up pictures of my nail rack and my complete nail polish collection, as requested :) I shall also be taking pictures in the next week or so for a detailed post on my make up, hair, perfume etc area and what's in each drawer. Are you excited, are ya, are ya?

Where do you store your nail polish? xxx


  1. thats great , need to get my bf to help me do that :) xx