Sunday, 5 May 2013

I love..

Day 5 of the blog every day in May challenge is publicly profess your love for someone, be it a blogging friend, a real life friend or family, explaining what makes them so great and why you love them. Now, I know it's been 6 days since it was the 5th of May but for some reason this didn't get published so yeah!
Now, I racked my brains trying think of someone other than the obvious (Aaron) but I didn't feel there was anybody that come close, mushy I know but it's the truth. Sure, I love my friends and family but Aaron is the only person that I feel has never let me down, never not been there for me (since we've been together obviously) and the one person I can talk to about absolutely everything/anything which means so much.

Drenched at Thorpe Park 3 years ago!
I feel so lucky that the first person I loved will be the only person I'll love. It's funny cause I always said I'd never go with someone more than a few years older than me, yet he's 12 years older than me - not that people can tell because he really doesn't look his age. We both want the same things in a relationship and in life. We laugh every single day - we both like cracking jokes and have so many private jokes! We say I love you more than once every single day too. If anything is on my mind, I know I can talk to him about it - he's really good at giving advice, putting things into perspective and making me feel better. If ever we have a problem, we talk about it and resolve it.

Family meal 2 years ago.
We've had a lot of fun together like holidays, weekends away, quad biking, segways and boat hire but even simple things like taking a walk along a beach/river or going on a drive for no reason is nice cause we chat about anything and everything. All of my family love him to bits and said they know as well as we do that we're going to grow old together because we have such a good bond/relationship. I'm proud to say, we've never had an argument either. Sure, sometimes one of us will get ratty and might tell the other one to bugger off or get in a grump for a bit but it never lasts long and we've never, ever shouted nasty things at each other in anger because we're just not like that and there's no need.

In London waiting for the tube, we'd been together just 2 weeks here!
We always win the Mr and Mrs board game because we know each other better than we know ourselves! We respect each other and each others feelings because we want each other to be happy. Things I'm better at, Aaron isn't as good at and vice versa. For instance, Aaron isn't very good with directions but I'm like a homing pigeon, I never get lost. Then he's good at problem solving and although I think I'm alright at it, he is way better and quicker at it :) It's so hard to explain properly but we just clicked perfectly :)

This is so Aaron! Messing about doing swimming actions while paddling, haha!

Hope this wasn't too mushy for you! Who are you closest too in your life? xxx

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