Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 7: Things I'm Afraid Of.

I missed out day 6 for the blog every day in May challenge because as you probably know, I'm not currently working, unfortunately so I didn't feel I had enough to write about. Day 7 is the things I'm most afraid of, I've picked out my top 5.
Heights - I love roller coasters (I can't look down though!) and other high up theme park/fair ground rides because I'm strapped in, not alone and I'm moving. A few steps up a ladder and I'll be shaking and have sweaty palms. Looking over the banister? No thank you! Monorail/chair lift? Not a chance!

Circus clowns - Its not the fact that it's a clown, I'm not afraid of clown dolls or costumes its the fact that both circus shows I've been to, the clown kept looking at me like they were going to pick me out to do something and I couldn't bear it, it freaked me out! I won't ever go to another circus.. *shudder*

Never being a mummy - I hope one day me and Aaron get to be parents. We're trying and you've gotta be in it to win it, right? Hahaha..

Losing Aaron or any other loved ones - I've never lost anyone really close to me so the thought of that is just horrible.

Thunder storms - If I'm alone I will have a panic attack because I'm absolutely terrified. If I'm with someone that isn't scared then I'll still be frightened but not half as bad as if I were alone.

What are you afraid of? xxx

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