Sunday, 12 May 2013

What do you miss?

A person, a thing, a place or a time in your life.. What do you miss? ..Day 12 for the blog every day in May challenge.
This post will have me reminiscing so bad, I just know it and I haven't even started yet! There is a time in my life (and people) that I really miss sometimes because I had so much fun although as much as I miss it every now and then, I wouldn't change any of it or swap it for where I am now :) I'm talking about 3 years in particular, from when I was 17 through to 20 years old - I'm 25 this year. I spent 99% of my weekends getting dressed up and going out on the town..

Me and my cousin, Stacy.
Me and Maria.

Me and Washer.
Me, Zoe, Ellis, Tash, Cherelle, Buckles and Mikayla.

Washer loves me!
Buckles, me and Ellis.
Buckles and I blowing bubbles at Ellis' wedding.
I don't have nights out like I used to anymore because we've all grown up, settled down or moved away. Plus I don't really enjoy it like I did, I hate being drunk now and the last time I went clubbing I felt so old!!

- I miss Stacy a lot. We were so close growing up.. We live in the same town now but I haven't seen her for nearly a year.. I have invited her over several times but just got excuses so I've accepted it.
- I also miss Maria loads, she's the friend I've known the longest. She always knows what to say and do, she's such a giggle and she's the one friend I can genuinely trust with anything. What I love the most about her is that she is honest, she says what she thinks and you always know where you stand because she's so genuine and down to earth.
- Ellis is now married so isn't even Ellis anymore and she's moved Southampton way although when she's back me, Ellis and Buckles will usually go for a meal and a catch up which is nice.
- I still speak to and see Washer, I love her to bits. She's a girl that knows how to have a good laugh and she's generally a good person to be around. She's my h2o :)
I don't really see or speak to many of the others I used to go for nights out with, we just drifted apart like you do.

Those 3 years were some of the best of my life but when you find one of the very few decent blokes there is out there, you have to grab him with both hands and you end up finding enjoyment in other things.

Do any of you older girlies miss those drunken nights out with friends? xxx

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