Saturday, 18 May 2013

Nail Polish Collection

Earlier this week I wrote a post about my DIY nail rack that Aaron and his dad kindly made for me, if you missed it click here! I absolutely fricken love it and love having my nail polish on display so I can see all the colours before I pick which to wear but there's just one problem.. Because it's so big it kinda makes my nail polish look lost.. There's only one way of getting round that and that's to buy more, right!? ;)


W7 Konad George polish
Saffron Technic Collection Gosh Polish

Models Own Boots Barry M Polish

Boots 17 Barry M Gelly Texture Polish

Rimmel MUA Polish
China Glaze Maxfactor Polish

NYC Essie Nails Inc Sally Hansen NYX Polish

OPI 2true Polish

So there we have it. I've actually bought about 10 more since taking these pics but I'll do another post once it's completely full, won't be long trust me! If you'd like to know what any of the names of the colours are or what the polish is like - anything at all, leave me a comment and I'll reply asap :)
How do you store your polish? xxx


  1. Your collection is amazing!

    Great storage idea too :)

    Are the MUA polishes any good?


    1. Thank you :) The new design ones are a lot better than the old ones, the brush is less scratchy and it goes on nicer, such a bargain too! xx

  2. I am so jealous right now! Amazing collection

  3. I am so totally jealous of your storage rack :( I might ask the guys at my work if they could make me one! Haha. All mine are stored away in drawers I'd much rather have them on show to as you say "look at the shades before you pick which to wear" hehe :)

    Great post by the way... Love your collection!!

    Laura's All Made Up ♥