Friday, 24 May 2013

We Got Some Kitties!

You may know if you stalk follow me on Instagram or Twitter that we have 3 little kittens, yay! You may also know that before we bought them, we said goodbye to 2 cats, Dotty and Callie - I wrote about why etc here.
Our house felt empty and too quiet without the cats, we both hated it and just over a week we'd had enough lol.. We decided to get some kittens, this time getting them straight from their mum and making sure it was from a good home. A week later, a lady on Facebook contacted me and said she had a litter that we could have first pick from. We drove down the next day and also got to meet the mummy cat who had such a lovely temperament. We picked out 3 boys, left a deposit and went back for them 3 weeks later.

tabby kitten
Braxton, full tabby.
tabby kitten white socks
Chester, tabby with white socks & belly.

black and white tabby kitten
Vinnie, black with white socks & belly.

I'm pleased to say that these 3 bundles of fluff settled in very quickly. They love cuddles and snuggle up with us on the sofa for a nap after they've tired themselves out from running and jumping around chasing each other!
Braxton (named after that hottie off Home and Away) is slightly more of a daddys boy! He's the one that's needed the most fuss to get settled in as he's the least confident even though he's the biggest! He is the fluffiest and probably the least cuddliest although when he does cuddle, he nuzzles into you which is soo cute!
Chester (named 'cause we got him from Colchester, clever eh? lol) is a daddys boy - he won't lay with me for long but will sit with Aaron for hours! He's the smallest, most playful and a right character, he is also the scratchiest! All of my scratches are from playing with him the little bugger :)
Vinnie (we just liked the name) is very much a mummys boy, he is always round my legs or on my lap. He is such a softie when it comes to me and Aaron, he has never used his claws even when he plays but he is the most dominant and won't turn down a scrap with the other 2!

I'm always adding pics of them on my Instagram if you wanna see what they're up to/cute pics etc!

Do you have any pets? xxx

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  1. Aww so cute! Our new kitty is settling in well she loves suing and running around like a maniac ! Xx