Wednesday, 19 September 2012

wishlist #6

This week I have decided to do a plus size wishlist. (what a tongue twizzler! - try saying it fast! - I ended up with plush size wishlish!!)
I know this may not be for everyone but I wear plus size clothing sometimes (im a 16/18) so it is definitely something I want to do every now and then :)
You may or may not know that I absolutely LOVE New Look. It is where 90% of my wardrobe is from and 100% of my clothes hangers!! - This wasn't done on purpose, I just order online so often!
I can't wear trousers/jeans from the Inspire range as they're too big but I can wear anything on my top half and dresses. I actually prefer tops from the Inspire range as they tend to be nicer fitting for my figure. Also, tops they have in the normal range and the Inspire range, I find the Inspire range ones are longer which I prefer.
Anyway, lets get on with it shall we :)

1. Owl tshirt - £9.99
2. Animal print jumper - £24.99
3. Ombre cardigan - £24.99
4. Orange dress - £40.00
5. Black dress - £40.00

As always, I really like them all, of course - its a wishlist! But my absolute faves are #2 and #5.
I'm really trying to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothes and I think all of the above are things I wouldn't have chosen last year. I used to stick to plain clothes, mostly in black. Now, I have a wide range of colours in my wardrobe and slowly but surely I'm getting more patterned or printed clothes too.  What do you think of the above?


  1. If you like patterns you might like the galaxy print leggings from new look inspire. I did a post about them xx

  2. love the ombre cardigan!


  3. I love number 3 and 4! :D Just found your blog through the blog hop and I love it! :D The owl t shirt is so cute!
    Sofia x

  4. I really love number 1! It's nice to see a post for the curvier girls :) x

  5. very cute items! love the black dress!
    please check out my blog:

    Ploy <3 xx