Monday, 10 September 2012

ebay finds #5

my ebay finds is supposed to be a sunday evening but suprise suprise, something else broke and i couldnt do it! - if you have been following my twitter you'll know that in the last week or so my hoover, house phone, laptop charger and now laptop battery have broken! im not having much luck am i! :(

luckily for moi, i am super duper clever (lol) and fixed my laptop, yipee! - it was overheating so much that thats why it melted and broke the charger and im guessing its why the battery is suddenly playing up too.. BUT i pulled it apart and hoovered (with my shiny new hoover!) the fan and the vents.. it was very fiddley and took me a couple hours but i fixed it so im happy! - its also looovely and quiet now - no noisy fan kicking in after a few mins. go me!!

anyway! ebay finds, ebay finds..!

1. £12.58 (free delivery)
2. £4.49 (£5.99 delivery)
3. £16.99 (free delivery)
4. £13.74 (free delivery)
5. £6.49 (£1.19 delivery)
(links ^)

i really like 1 and 3 a lot! - which one/s do you like most? xxx


  1. That studded bag is amazing! and such a great price. Good finds!
    Hannah x

  2. As if the studded bag is so cheap! May have to invest in one!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. I love bag three, would be perfect for work :D Love your blog btw darling, your layout and design is great xx


  4. The white bag is very chanel esk, very pretty.

  5. whats the link for the third one? the one you provided wasnt specific? thanks x