Friday, 7 September 2012

life #6

hello lovelies!
friday is the day i let you all know what i've been upto, how im feeling and everything and anything else :)

so firstly, as you probably know by now, we moved.. yayyy! its made me so much happier, let me tell you! and if you've been reading previous posts, you'll know that our flouse (flat with an upstairs and downstairs like a house but up a level) was decorated badly! - like a rainbow. each room was a horrible colour.. it was all very 90s. as promised, here is a picture... please note: we've nearly finished decorating it all now so the after pictures will follow next week!

orange bedroom, pink spare room, green kitchen and yellow living room.. see what i mean!!

we bought 2 big tubs of magnolia so the bedroom and living room are now magnolia and i started the kitchen today. the spare room will stay pink because i love it! :D
we havent done it up loads as we're probably not staying (landlord has a house available in a couple months that he's been doing up so fingers crossed we can afford it and like it!) but couldnt bare the horrid colours.. especially with people coming round!!! lol..

in other news im job hunting properly again.. im bored of being home all day. i spoke to aaron about it and he's not too fussed as he earns a really good wage but he's happy for me to do something part time then i can still keep the house nice and have proper meals waiting for him when he gets in from work :) im not really sure what i wanna do but if its something good i would deffo do full time.. fingers crossed :)

also, its 5 weeks til holiday.. im super duper excited!! we were going to go abroad and have something like 4/5* and posh but then we decided we wanted a new car.. so we booked a holiday to wales as its much cheaper.. but after we booked it we decided against getting a new car as ours is such a cheap car to run (black peugeot 206 2.0L tdi - higher spec one) so we could have had the better holiday after all!

but im not upset about it to be honest because firstly, i LOVE wales and secondly, i hate flying! :)
i went to south wales last year and fell in love with the place. the coast was beautiful and the people were so, so friendly with a good sense of humour. plus i absolutely love the welsh accent - i want it!!
this year we're going to the west coast and from looking at pictures i know im going to love it just as much so bring it on!

however, before holiday and in less than 3 weeks is my 24th birthday.. on the 25th ;) im not like excited about it because we dont go mad present wise in our family (thats saved more for christmas! - which i cannot wait for by the way!!) but i do wonder what is in store for me... i will of course keep you posted on that one!

ooh and tomorrow aaron is going fishing with my dad and im going shopping with my mum so im sure ill have a haul coming up very shortly, yipeee!

now, i must dash - its the celeb big brother final and aaron is getting annoyed cause im not talking to him!!! (arrrr lol) hope you all have a lovely weekend! xxx