Wednesday, 12 September 2012

wishlist #5


its wednesday so that means wishlist day.. the day where i find a load of things i want but cant afford and put them all together to show everyone else what i want but cant afford! lol.. cor what a mouthful! - it is my birthday in less than 2 weeks and i always get new look vouchers so fingers crossed they dont sell out by then! ooohyeah :)
if you didnt already know, i larrrve new look! so everything on my wishlist this week is from the look of new.. look :) ohhhhh im tired!

ooooh purdy things...!

1. 8.99
2. 24.99
3. 22.99
4. 34.99
5. 12.99

do you like any of these items? i want them all equally lots amounts!!

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