Friday, 28 September 2012

I'm *blank* because..

I saw Brooke over at Covered In Grace do this post so I thought I would replace todays 'life' post with this :)  So, I'm *blank* because..

I’m quirky because…

- I eat my food in order. Least favourite thing first, ending with my favourite. I've done it since I can remember, every meal, every day. I can't not do it - I can't have a bit of each thing.
- I cannot have chipped nails, it grates on me real bad so I paint my nails twice a week.
- I'm not massively girly but I LOVE girly movies.
- I have strong, traditional morals and values, which seems to be rare these days!

I’m a bad friend because...

- I don't make as much effort as I could (although I won't go out my way if you're not either!)
- Sometimes I judge the way you do things cause that's not how I'd do it. 
- Unless you're one of my best friends I can take you or leave you.
- I don't always remember to think before I speak and can be too honest.

I'm a good friend because...

- I care about you and will always be there for you, good or bad.
- I think a lot of you (until you do something to change that).
- I'll always be honest/straight with you, you will always know where you stand.
- You can trust me and I'll always try to help.
- I will always have a bloody good laugh with you :)

I’m sad because…

- I want a job.. It's just so difficult to get one cause our country is shite.
- Me and Aaron have been trying for a baby but we're not having much luck and everyone around us is falling pregnant or having a baby.
- I want a pet but we can't have one here.
- A lot of my friends don't seem to have time for me anymore.

I’m happy because…

- I have Aaron and he makes me very, very happy.
- Me and Aaron have our own space again.
- Things seem better between me and my parents now.
- Me and my cousin Stacy are getting on really well again.
- Although I can't get a job right now, Aaron has a very well paying one, allowing us to have our own place and enjoy our lives.

I’m excited because…

- I'm about to become an auntie for the first time.
- Me and Aaron go on holiday in 2 weeks. 
- It's nearly firework night and Christmas!
- Everything I've ordered with my Birthday money will be here soon :)
. about you? What are you blank because? 

Use these six prompts and answer them with four to six truths. 

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