Tuesday, 11 September 2012

haul :)

saturday just gone i went shopping with my mother dearest and aaron went fishing with my dad (he caught some bass - yumm!)
we didnt go far, just the town i live in now and the shops are only a few minutes walk from mine which is mega handy! - and how freakin hot was it saturday i was melting!
anyway, we went in all the good shops (which - no joke - is about 8 shops) and was out 5 hours!
mum must have been out with my sister at some point and spent money on her (or the bump) cause she kept buying me things - not that im complaining of course :D

so heres what i got..
(im not going to go into detail with make up/beauty products because ill be reviewing them once i've used them and will go into detail then)

all mua products from superdrug & w7 polish from peacocks.
mua: love hearts polish - 'u r fab' - £2.00
w7 polish - pink dazzle - £2.50
mua lipstick - shade 5 - £1.00
mua black felt eyeliner - £2.00
mua lip boom 'ok.com' - £3.00
mua - immaculate palette - £8.00 (but i got it free for spending a certain amount on mua products)
mua -3 in 1 extreme contour angled shadow liner - £1.50

mum bought me all the mua bits :)

both items from boots (buy one get one half price deal)
the fab pore - £8.00 (got it for £4.00)
clear here - £9.00

two plain batwing & dipped hem tops from select.
these were £6.00 each. one in mocha, one in a creamy white.
i used the fridge magnets to hold it up for you to see.. im pretty professional good like that ;) lol

i also got 2 pairs of plain black full length leggings from select but you know what they look like dont you.. dont you!? (i dont know how but i get through so many leggings, they never last long no matter where they're from so i always get cheap ones now! - anyone else have this prob?!) they were 2 for £8.00 or £5.00 each.

these earrings (also from select) were £3.99. i love long earrings when i have my hair down :)

mum bought me everything from select :)

this animal-type-print scarf was from peacocks and cost just £7.00. i have loads of scarfs, i love them! they make plain outfits less plain when its chilly :) i also love black and grey together.

ok so i didnt have to show this but as girls we all wear them so why not! these are from george at asda. the bottom one (is sooo pretty) and was £6.00 and the top 2 were in a set and cost £9.00 for both.
i urge anyone getting bras from somewhere they wouldnt usually shop to try them on! im usually always the same size (and i usually only get mine from debenhams as they're such good quality) so i only tried the bottom one on to be quicker and had to take the top 2 back the next day! they didnt hold me at all. the bottom one is perfect though :) yipeee!

i went into a little card shop as i could smell nice smells as i walked past and it was full of yankee candles. now, i know everyone raves about these candles but can i just say.. WHY are they so bloomin expensive - well, the ones in the jars anyway?! they're really nothing special at all and a lot of them smelt like someone had taken a # 2 on them!! (sorry to be so blunt) however i did really like the clean cotton smelling ones. these cost £6.89 for 12 tea lights.

we popped into the works and i found this book for £1.99. if you've been a follower for a while you'll know i absolutely love reading about travelers and gypsies - i find them so interesting and intriguing. really looking forward to reading this book (once ive finished tulisas book)

so that is what i got saturday :) if it wasnt for mum treating me then i probably wouldnt have come home with half as much but we dont get to have days out together very often at all so i guess thats why she wanted to treat me :) to say thank you, i bought her lunch in a little cafe which was pretty yummy.
it makes me sad that we arent close like some girls are to their mums, we rarely speak on the phone or have mother daughter time.. we get on well when we do see each other though so i guess its not all bad..

have you been shopping recently? - did you get any bargains?


  1. I love your make up things :) I really want to try the lip boom I've been shopping 3 times in the last 2 weeks :o xx

    1. ooh you should, i really like it :) im popping into town again tomorrow to pick up another couple of shades lol xx

  2. the haul looks wonderful :) looks like there are so many different unique products in the UK that I wish I could try :( Thanks for sharing ! I love the eyeshadow palette the best ! :)

    1. thank you :) everything i bought would be available online i think? :) x

  3. looks great!

  4. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post
    was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going
    to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  5. Great haul! Those butterfly earrings are gorgeous! :)