Thursday, 27 September 2012

my birthday..

As you may or may not have seen, it was my 24th Birthday 2 days ago and in the post I said I would do another post letting you all know what I got and what I got up to.

I don't know about anyone else but in our family we tend to not go too mad on Birthdays then make sure Christmas is a goodun!

I opened my Birthday cards the day before my Birthday cause I'm too impatient (we don't open our Christmas cards on Christmas day do we.. that's my excuse!) so my birthday morning I didn't actually have anything to open lol.. Aaron was at work so I spent the day at home alone as usual. I had a bit of a pamper day so it was alright actually! I had to make sure I was ready for when Aaron got home from work as he took me out for a meal..

I guess you're wondering about presents as I said I had nothing to open! - Well I got money from Aarons parents and from my parents. I've always preferred money on my Birthday so that I can get stuff I want myself - plus I'm pretty hard to buy for! From Aaron, I got money, a subscription to She Said beauty box (SSBX), he's paying for me to have my hair done next weekend and 100ml Pacha - Psicodelic perfume, which has been my absolute favourite since we went to Ibiza 3 years ago.

I opened this perfume as soon as I got it as my other one had run out! If you ever get the chance to smell it, do! It is a very sweet smelling perfume and very cherry like. I don't eat cherries and I usually don't like the smell of them either but this is just lush! It is very hard to get hold of here in the UK as its Spanish, you can end up paying almost double to what you would if you got it overseas. Eeek! - But its so worth it ;)
I haven't got my first SSBX yet obviously so I cant show you but they send them end of the month so not long to wait, I'm getting excited already!

I never thought I'd say this but I'm struggling to spend my Birthday money! No, really! I'm not a massive fan of going shopping as it's usually ridiculously busy and I get mega stressed and grumpy so Aaron said I can put the money in the 'holiday spending money tin' and shop online instead :)
I took advantage of the Models Own 50% off sale (its still running - enter 'summersale' at the checkout!) yesterday so I'm dead excited for my items to arrive :)

Anyway, Aaron took me out to Beefeater for my Birthday meal. I really wanted to go there as their steaks are always cooked perfectly! - Nothing worse than having a steak and its cooked badly! I had 8oz sirloin, its my favourite :)

Beefeater do bottomless chips, meaning you can keep asking for more for free. Aaron always gets more :) I find what you get is enough though. For desert Aaron had apple crumble with custard and I had choc fudge brownie with ice cream. I've had it before and it is proper sickly delish!!

This is what I looked like for my Birthday meal..
I wore blue skinny jeans, a black top, grey boyfriend blazer and black heels.

And this is Aaron.. looking very serious! lol :)

Overall I had a good Birthday :) I really enjoyed the meal out with Aaron, we don't do it as much anymore so it's lovely when we do. I love my perfume, I cant wait to get my hair done, I'm excited for my SSBX and Models Own goodies to get here and now I'm going to continue browsing online for more things to order! 


  1. happy birthday!! Glad you had a good one.
    Found you from the GFC Blog Hop, I'm your newest follower! Hope you can check out my blog and follow back :)

    1. thank you :) will check out yr blog now! x

  2. Hope that you had a beautiful birthday! Sending belated bday wishes to you from Australia, and perhaps a little sunshine as well xoxo

    Found your blog and now following for sure. I love your background too ;)


    1. thank you :) ooh yes please some sunshine would be lovely! xx

  3. Happy birthday!! Looks like you had an amazing day! xx
    Beauty by T

  4. Happy Belated sweetie! New follower from the Mommy-Brain Mixer!