Thursday, 6 September 2012

wishlist #4

sorry this is late, it should have been yesterday (wednesday wishlist on a thursday, whatever next!) but i was busy catching up on youtube and blogger - i dont like to miss anything! :)
moving on.. its my birthday in less than 3 weeks so as you can imagine, ive already been thinking about what i might like..

1. table mirror - 9.00 - ikea
2. stick on mirrors - 6.00 - ikea
3. desk with bookcase - 45.00 - ikea
4. paddy doherty book - 11.22 - amazon
5. china glaze - dance baby - 4.50 - ebay

i know im deffo getting paddys book (cannot wait to start reading it!) and ive been after a dressing tabley type thing for a while and the desk with the bookcase just seems perfect.. i could have a mirror on the desk and store make up/products on the shelves in cute boxes... *daydreams*

if anyone knows anywhere i can get a dresser/dressing table or a desk that could be used as a dresser please let me know, i've been hunting around but only really like the ikea one style wise.. ideally it wouldnt be that colour though! it doesnt have to have the bookcase attached but it would be nice if there was something similar with shelves in the same style that i could just put next to it.. am i just being fussy?! lol.. xxx

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