Saturday, 15 September 2012

life #7

there's not a great deal to jibber jabber on about this week (luckily for you!) as i think i wrote most of it last week and not much has happened since!

one thing i do have planned is a night out tonight with aaron (my fiance), his old work mate matt and matts fiancee amy. we've been out with them once before and been over to matts so it should be good. i get on well with amy which is nice. we're going for a meal and some drinks then they're staying over, reckon it will be a laugh!  - we went out with one of aarons other mates and his other half once and she was a complete knob! she didnt wanna know me at all and was just nasty to her bloke (slapping him, talking down to him) but thought it was funny.. needless to say we never went out with them again, me and aaron cant stand her, crazy bunny boiler!

so usually i put these posts up on a friday.. i completely forgot! :/
its now saturday morning and im sat on the sofa watching sabrina the teenage witch (its on the kids channels on sky at 11am every day! - i used to watch it when i was at school, love it!!) ive just painted my nails and im tippy tapping away on here :)

so if you're following me on twitter, you'll know ive well and truely got the hang of it now, yaya! i really love it - i actually prefer it to facebook now.. which is getting so boring. its quite nice on twitter that all my family isnt on there so i can write what i want! - are you following me? if not then you deffo should, just because :) @xtiffyxx

im still playing about with my blog too, not sure if anyone noticed?! i changed the header again as the pink didnt quite match and ive added twitter, pinterest, instagram and email buttons on the right -> oohyeah :) 

so, i have 82 followers right now. if you've been following me on twitter you may know i said that once i hit 100 followers on GFC (google friend connect) ill do a give away! im starting to think about it already so if anyone has any ideas of what they'd like up for grabs please do let me know :) 

hope you all have a brilliant weekend!

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