Friday, 21 September 2012

life #8

Merrrrrrrr!!!! <- that is precisely how I'm feeling right now!! Unfortunately some bugger has given me a cold so I'm sat drinking bacardi and coke, listening to some old 80s tunes with a tissue and bottle of olbas oil by my side whilst feeling extremely sorry for myself! :( I have no idea who I've caught it off cause I don't know anyone that's been ill lately or I'd go and sneeze on them, as a polite way of saying thanks a bunch! Lol :)

Luckily for me, Aaron is looking after me, he even went to Tesco after work last night to get me Lemsip, Strepsils and yummy honey and lemon cough syrup..  and chocolate :D I made dinner like I always do when he got in tonight but he done the washing up for me and has been making Lemsips for me, aw :) he's a goodun.


I mentioned in a post a while back about me and my younger sister not being on speaking terms. Well we've decided to be civil and try and get along a bit for the sake of mum and dad - so it's not awkward. We both agreed we don't forgive each other for things but we're both willing to put our differences aside so that mum and dad don't feel stuck in the middle anymore. Also, I'm due to be an aunty very, very soon. She said she wants me and Aaron to be a part of her little girls life and we'd like that too. She is due the day before my birthday (24th) but everyone thinks she's going to pop before then!

Tomorrow evening we have my parents round for a take away - providing my sister doesn't go into labour as mum is her birthing partner. Sunday we have Aarons parents round for the first time. Hopefully that goes well, they haven't seen our new place yet. I reckon Aarons mum will like it (and keep telling us!) but I'd put money on it that his dad picks out all the faults! - He always points out the negatives and can't ever say something nice, ever. He would never congratulate someone or say well done to Aaron for anything and never has - even when he was growing up. Meany.

Tuesday is my 24th birthday.. I'm getting old!! :( (I'll never catch Aaron up though, hehe!)
Aaron is taking me out for a meal at Beefeater, not exactly romantic but I absolutely love it there and I really wanted to go as their steak is so delish!! I also know what I'm getting as I told him what I wanted.. We just moved and have a holiday in a few weeks so thought he might as well get me things I'm really wanting :) I reckon Aarons parents will get me a New Look voucher as they know I pretty much only shop there! And I have absolutely no idea what my parents are getting me! But of course I will do a post about my Birthday a couple days after :)

Anyway, I'm probably only nattering away to myself and I'm getting tired so I might go have cuddles in bed with my lovely man :) hope you all have a good weekend!