Sunday, 16 September 2012

ebay finds #6

Sunday is ebay finds and this week is shoesies, ooooh i do love a nice pair of shoes :)

So I'm not sure about other people but whenever I do 'Ebay Finds' or 'Wednesday Wishlist', it's always things I actually would be dead chuffed to have bought for me or would actually go out and buy. I would never include something I don't really like just because I think anyone reading would like it or just because its in fashion right now. I started this blog for me and I shall continue to be me and make it for me :) - if you like me for me then that is, of course, fandabbydoesy and you have brilliant taste..!!

Now that's out the way lets get to it!

1. £9.99 (£2.99 delivery)
2. £23.95 (£3.45 delivery)
3. £18.39 (£2.90 delivery)
4. £24.95 (£3.95 delivery)
5. £19.99 (£2.99 delivery)

Hope you liked at least one pair of these shoes? :) I really want #2 (not A #2 lol just the ones next to #2 - I've been wanting these a while but keep putting it off! and #3 I'm really wanting too so i may just have to have a little spend! :)


  1. HEY! I have just tagged you in a new autumn tag thats going around, I hope you love it too!
    I have linked your blog on mine as I love reading your posts and that why I tagged you for this!
    thanks so much!
    check out the tag here:


  2. I always find amazing things on ebay! I love the no2 shoes too! I've just shelled out on a pair of Dr Martens though so need to stop spending!

    Found you on the bloglovetherapy blog hop and i'm now following :) x