Saturday, 13 July 2013

Punting in Cambridge

Tuesday was Aarons Birthday.. We had a meal out on Saturday night with his parents at Chimichangas (awful service, really nice food but small portions for the price) Aarons mum curled my hair for me and Aaron discovered he can fit back into his Henleys shirt again.. I fancy the pants off him in that shirt! After the meal (we didn't stay for desert after the rubbish service) we went to Tescos for chocolate then back to Aarons parents place to stuff our faces and have a few glasses of bubbles.. Then crashed there the night and had a lush fry up in the morning. Lovely jubley!
Before I'd finished my make up :/ (inc. eyebrows!)
Sunday we went to the coast and Monday we went to see my nan, I love her to bits. We had a coffee and a good natter then Aaron and I headed off to do some food shopping.
Tuesday Aaron opened his cards and presents then we got ready and headed to Cambridge (UK!) as I'd planned for us to go punting and we'd never been to Cambridge together before :) We used the park and ride but said we'll drive in next time.. We looked around the Grafton Center then stopped in Cafe Nero for free iced drinks (thank you O2 Priority Moments!) we might have had a cheeky look in Primark too.. It's massive compared to the Ipswich one! It's on 3 floors and was so tidy and organised which is unusual.

Anyone that knows Cambridge will know it's kinda split in 2 by a green with a shopping center and different shops either side. The opposite side to the Grafton Center is loads prettier with more shops. We headed across the green, had a wander round the town then headed to the river to go punting along the back of the colleges. 
A bloke approached us as we got there and said it was £16 each.. We said we'd have a wander past the others first before deciding and he said "ok £25 for both of you" we said we'd think about it and he said "£20!" so we said OK! :D What a bargain!

I took over 100 pictures (I couldn't see what I was doing as it was so sunny so just kept snapping away! They were all taken on my phone as I didn't dare take my camera)
We'd never been punting before - we'd hired a rowing boat once and I was shit scared the whole time so was a little nervous - but it seemed pretty sturdy and I relaxed quickly. We sat (well, laid back!) at the front of the punt in our own little bit, there was a group in the middle and a couple at the back. It was so chilled and really pretty too, I could quite happily have stayed on the river all day! The young bloke that took us round told us a bit about the buildings but made it fun and cracked some jokes so it wasn't boring at all. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and it was made perfect with the weather.. We definitely want to go again but along a different part of the river.

After punting we headed to Cherry Hinton (just outside the center) to a pub called The Robin Hood and Little John which is an Eating Inn restaurant pub. I highly recommend it. The food was the best I've had in a long time, the service was great, atmosphere, decor etc was all nice too and the prices were cheap considering how delicious the food was. We're 100% going back there.
Cambridge is a beautiful city with loads to do so I highly recommend visiting!
Have you been punting or to Cambridge before? xxx

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  1. your pictures are lovely!