Monday, 1 July 2013

Life update #1

Today has been a good day. 

I went down to a local charity shop (having emailed them last week about volunteering to gain retail experience in order to help me get a job) and had a chat with the lady, she talked to me about it and basically I start tomorrow!
Retail isn't my dream job - I don't really know what my dream job is - but I'm not getting anywhere applying for admin jobs as there's hardly anything out there and when there is I just don't stand a chance. So I decided I needed to go down a different path if anyone is ever going to employ me.. While I'm sitting home not getting anywhere, I might as well be training for something else which is where volunteering comes in. I'm going to be trained up on a retail job while giving something back and working for free for a good charity. Win win really.

Also today I won a Zumba set in a giveaway, oww yeeaahh! I have followed along with a couple of YT videos via the Xbox a couple times and it was really good fun so I can't wait to give the DVDs a go! Will help me keep losing weight while I'm doing Slimming World too so that's always a bonus.

The weekend was also really good. Saturday we had Aarons parents round for lunch and Sunday me and Aaron went to the coast (Clacton) cause it was bloomin' roastin'!! On the way we had such a laugh. I have no idea how but it got on to sheep impressions and we were laughing so hard at each others impressions! If you can act stupid together, laugh til your belly hurts, your eyes are streaming and you can't breathe properly, you've found a keeper :)

On a less positive note, I'm kind of surprised I'm able to smile with all that's been going on in other areas of my life. I guess I'm becoming immune to people shitting on my biscuit. <- Yet I still find time to amuse myself with things that only me and Aaron will find hilarious.

Song I'm currently loving: Will.I.Am - Bang Bang.


  1. I did some volunteer work in a local charity shop, this time last year, and I now have a weekend job at Primark. My volunteer work also improved my personal statement for my University application, it's a great idea and you'll get great satisfaction from it. :)

    leigh xx |

  2. Aaaw that's lovely that you are happy, it's good to be smiley eh girlie!?
    Work experience is a godsend sometimes, I swear that it's the only reason why I get jobs!

    Ashi x