Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Sinful Colors Nail Polish Collection (so far!)

As I said in my full (at the time) nail polish collection blog post - here - I've bought more polish since I took the pictures.. Most of which are from Sinful Colors which is now available in Boots stores, yay! When I first saw them a few months ago I got a little bit excited because they have lots of gorgeous colours and they're so affordable, at £1.99 for 15ml you just can't go wrong.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Not only are these totally affordable but the brush is decent (unlike some other cheap nail polishes *cough*MUA*cough*) so you get a decent finish and they're pretty long lasting. I find my nails chip quite easily no matter which top coat I use but these last well above the average time in comparison to all my other polish. I'd even go as far to say the quality is up there with China Glaze - woah, now there's a statement!

L-R: 924 Social Ladder, 376 Glass Pink, 945 Soul Mate, 313 Pink Forever.
L-R: 264 Vacation Time, 950 Savage (matte), 927 Nail Junkie, 1100 Blue By You.
There isn't one of these colours that I haven't thoroughly liked and enjoyed wearing. They're opaque in 2 coats (apart from Social Ladder, Glass Pink and Nail Junkie for obvious reasons) and dry quite quickly. So really, what's not to like? In my opinion, nothing! I can't wait to get my mitts on more colours.

Have you tried Sinful Colours nail polish? xxx


  1. I love the sinful colour nail polishes, but I also have 'Savage' and find that it stains really badly, I don't know if this is just me? Love your collection! You have some really nice shades :) x

    1. I found it stained really bad without a good base coat but if I double layer the base coat it's fine :) xx

  2. I am addicted to these nail varnishes I have about 18 at the minute, everytime I go into boots I always pick another 1 or 3 xx

  3. Lovely colours love the bright blue gorgeous collection

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    C&L x