Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bucket List

Who doesn't have a bucket list? You may not have written it down anywhere but I'm sure you have even a small list of things in your head that you'd love to do! I did choose to write mine down (I love lists!) and it's pretty long so I've picked out just a few to share with you.
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Fly drive America bucket list
At the very top of my bucket list (and the most expensive) is a fly drive across America. I'm not talking 2 weeks covering one specific part of the country, I'm talking a whole month going from New York to California and stopping at Kentucky, Alabama and Louisiana along the way (plus over night stops in between obviously!) The only thing stopping us from doing this is lack of money while I'm unemployed :( Once someone gives me a job it will be save, save, save then book it and go! For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go to various parts of America, seeing what different states are like, taking too many pictures and eating too much food (it would be hard not to wouldn't it!) and Aaron has always wanted to go too so to actually go would make both of our dreams come true.
sunset suffolk bucket list
The cheapest thing by far on my bucket list is to watch the sun rise at the beach with Aaron, cuddled up in a blanket with a nice warm coffee - to keep me awake ;) Soppy I know but it's one of those things I've always wanted to do and never have. I think the main reason we've never done this is because I'm really not a morning person!! Plus Aaron works long hours 5/6 days a week so enjoys a lay in whenever he can. I would really like to do this though because we don't often have moments like that where we're alone, away from technology and people. I informed Aaron of my wish to do this last week and he said "can't we just watch the sun set?" He's such a bloke!!!
pont des arts bridge bucket list
Probably the least expensive thing travel wise on my bucket list is driving the car over to France for a week on the Euro tunnel (neither of us do well on boats and the train is quicker!) We've both been to France before and really liked it but have never been together. I think our little Peugeot would love a week at home! ;) We've looked into it a few times and while it's not that costly, when you have one wage and lots of bills, it's just not feasible so again, money is stopping us. Whilst there, a trip to Paris including putting our own little padlock on the Pont des Arts bridge over the river Seine would be a must. It would be lovely being in the romantic city of Paris together.. plus I'd need someone to hold my hand up the Eiffel Tower wouldn't I!! ;)

floatation tank spa bucket list
Another thing on my bucket list is a spa day somewhere a little bit fancy. I'm not sure I'd enjoy a full body or even a back massage but I would love a facial, an Indian head massage, a sauna, jacuzzi and a float in a floatation tank, which I've actually done 3 or 4 times before and LOVE it. When I'm working I'm going to make sure I have one at least once a month. If you've never done it, I highly recommend it! Like everything else on my bucket list, the only thing stopping me from having a fancy pants spa day is lack of money. I always have something on my mind/something stressing me out so do be able to do this would be pure bliss.

cheap flight bucket list
Last but not least on my bucket list is driving to the airport and taking the next cheap flight somewhere with no planning what so ever! This was originally Aarons idea, he told me he'd like to do this one day but after talking about it, I really want to do it too! Aaron is a spontaneous person whereas I prefer to make sure everything is planned out so I know what's happening and when, which helps keep my anxiety under control. I'm also scared of flying (last time I flew I had quite a bad panic/anxiety attack, it was horrible) BUT I would love to do this one day to push my comfort zone completely and just go for it because I know it will be so much fun so to have done it successfully would mean a lot to me and would do great things for helping to overcome my anxiety. Again, the only thing stopping us from doing this is lack of spare pennies!

I'd love to see Ashleigh, Steph and Emily do this post too (if they want to of course!)

What's on your bucket list? xxx

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