Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Charity Shoppin' #1

I will hold my hands up and admit that until I started volunteering in one of the local charity shops, I was a bit snobby about going in them. I always thought of a charity shop as somewhere old people shopped that smelt a bit fusty, was packed full of clutter and had a grumpy old lady serving everyone.. For some that is true but they're not all the same! The one I very much enjoy volunteering in (Barnardos) is unlike any charity shop I've ever entered. It smells nice, it's not cluttered, all the clothes are set out in different coloured sections and always looks very tidy and 99% of the volunteers and staff are such a lovely bunch. If you didn't know better, you probably wouldn't think it was a charity shop to be honest - people compliment the place all the time when they're paying for things - saying how it's not your typical charity shop. Oh and I'd say more "young" people come in than "old" people.

I really love a bargain so I'm not entirely sure why I didn't stop being a twit and start hunting around the charity shops before.. I mean, I buy second hand on Ebay so it's not much different is it! I might be biased but our one is definitely the best in the town (having gone in all the others with my lovely nan not so long ago!) so I only really buy from our one.. Plus we get 25% staff discount too! I can't believe some of the things people give away.. Brand new and/or branded items.. Good quality items! Our one always has really nice things from places like Top Shop, River Island, New Look, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Next, Dorothy Perkins.. etc.

Anyway, here's what I've come home with so far! All prices are before staff discount was applied.
(Please note: due to my naturally built in need to spend when I see things I like, this post will become a regular thing!)

Yours Clothing long sleeved top
Yours Clothing top, £3.99.

George at Asda boyfriend cardigan
George cardigan, £1.99.

Red Herring dress
Red Herring dress, £1.99.

New Look shopper bag
New Look shopper bag, £2.99.

Marks and Spencer black bag
Marks and Spencer slouchy bag, £3.99 (new).

Animal print scarf
No tag so not sure where the scarf is from but it's soooo soft, £1.99.

Sainsburys vase set
Sainsburys vase set, £1.99.

That's everything I've bought since I started in July.. I'm truly addicted now and always trying things on - especially Wednesday mornings, me and the lady I work with are in and out of the changing rooms when it's quiet! If I were a size 10/12, my wardrobe would probably have collapsed by now so I guess it should be thankful that I'm a chubster and it will take me longer to fill it!!! I bought a couple of bits today and will more than likely keep buying bits so there will be another post in the near future.

Have you bought any bargains lately? What are the charity shops like near you? xxx


  1. Wow knowing how expensive M&S bags are, you got a right bargain there alone! What good finds. I'll admit I don't often look in charity shops for clothes - certainly for books though. We have a REALLY expensive Salvation Army near us that charges nearly full retail price for items, it's crazy!

    1. Our one doesn't do books :( it's mainly just womens clothes and bags so I can't help myself! :D x

  2. I looooove charity shops - got a pair of brand new DM Mary Janes for £15 last week! Jealous of this haul though, I can see me doing the rounds again next week.

    Charlotte - xx

    1. Bargain! I really should visit the other charity shops near me too! x

  3. As you know I visited all the charity shops, including yours, at the weekend. Barnardo's is a good one, the prices were certainly more reasonable than in some of the others in the town.
    I am a total convert to charity shops - something I wish would have happened during my student years!
    You've got some lovely pieces here, I'd LOVE to volunteer at a charity shop.