Monday, 21 October 2013

Recent Purchases - Clothes.

I love shopping. Unfortunately I don't get to do it half as much as I'd like to as I'm unemployed but I am lucky enough to have a fiance that doesn't mind me having a spend of his wage every now and then :) Since it started getting colder I realised I have bugger all to wear! I have quite a few summery clothes but not very many jumpers or snuggley cardigans.. My typical outfit through winter is leggings and boots with a jumper or top and cardigan. To be fair though I live in leggings all year round..
If you saw my Wednesday Wishlist last month, you'll know I've really been loving the clothes in Asda this year.. Not only have I really liked many items, they're so reasonably priced it's hard to resist - and even then you don't feel guilty - bonus! Here's what I've been buying anyway.

New Look Inspire
New Look Inspire dress.
New Look Inspire
New Look Inspire jacket.
I wore the blue dress and cream jacket for my friends sons baptism last month in Birmingham.. I felt great in it til we got there.. Then I felt over dressed! Our families Christenings I've seen pictures of, everyone has been dressed up quite smart but not many people made much effort for this one so Aaron (who wore smart trousers and a shirt and black shoes) and I looked kinda out of place but nevermind. I completely forgot to get a picture of me wearing this outfit so you'll have to wait til it gets used again... Hope you like waiting!!! ;) I bought the dress in a size 22 cause of my boobs and I'm so glad I did cause they only just fit still, bloody things! The jacket is a size 20.
The burgundy dress (which I bought in a 20) below I had the intention of wearing with black tights, flats and a black cardi with a thin black belt.. But when I put all of that together the dress was a bit big and I felt like such a dumpling so I sold it on Ebay! I don't think I'm a dress person? I only own 2.. The one above and a black one for funerals or Christmas parties! LOL.. The jeans (size 16) I bought around 2 months ago and still haven't worn yet.. Oops! Although they do look good on :) I got the top from Select (size 18) a while ago too and really liked it at first but now everyone in my town seems to be wearing it as Select is the trendiest shop here!!

New Look Inspire
New Look Inspire dress.
New Look jeans
New Look jeans.
Select Fashion top
Select top.
George Asda top roses
George at Asda tshirt.
George Asda cream jumper
George at Asda jumper.
George Asda black and grey jumper
George at Asda jumper.
George Asda jumper
George at Asda jumper.

The grey tshirt from Asda I sized up twice with and got a size 24. I think it's meant to be kinda fitted but I don't like really fitted clothes, so it's baggy but in a nice way, it doesn't look silly, in my opinion. I should get some pictures of me in these clothes really shouldn't I, especially as I'm terrible at describing things!! The cream jumper (size 20 as they didn't have my size and I had to have it!) I looove.. I actually went back and got it in a purpley blue colour too (size 18). They need a vest top underneath (unless you like showing everyone your bra obviously!) but they're so easy and comfortable to wear. The black and grey jumper (size 18) is thicker but it's also shorter so I still like to wear a top underneath so I'm not showing everyone my belly when I reach up! Finally, the blue jumper with the baggy neck I bought for lounging round the house. I sized up twice (got a 22) so it's baggy and comfy, it's lush :)

Which shop have you been loving recently? xxx


  1. I have that blue New Look dress! It's really pretty, although the fabric is so thin! I really love the burgundy one as well :)