Monday, 7 October 2013

Life Update #3

So if you read my last life update, you'll know I had a job.. Had being the operative word. I done training, I done shadowing shifts and I done shifts alone. I also had a panic attack at work and patronising, rude and ignorant staff to work with. The second time I came home crying, Aaron said enough was enough and to leave if I was unhappy. I thought working in a care home would mean the staff would be lovely.. Don't get me wrong, a couple of the staff were nice but they were on days. I was on 12 hour night shifts and they weren't consecutive either. It was mostly one day on, one day off.. So one night I'd be working a night shift and sleeping in the day, then sleeping that night again - when I'd just been sleeping in the day.. Then working the next night. It really messed me about, I was like a zombie. Everything happens for a reason though.. It obviously just wasn't meant to be.

In other news..

- Our cat Vinnie was ill on and off for 2/3 months and after changing to a much better vets, we found out he has an immune deficiency and may be on tablets for life. He's still not quite there (he had swollen paws, they've gone down but he still has a mouth ulcer) but he's okay in himself, bless him. Braxton and Chester are booked in to have their bits chopped off this week, Vinnie isn't allowed to have his done until his medication/dosage is sorted out properly and in routine though.

- We drove up to Birmingham for our friends sons Baptism last month where I was made a God Mother to their eldest which was an honour. We stayed the night in a lovely hotel, it was a bargain at £25 and easily worth double. We visted Ikea the next day too.

- I turned 25 years old. I'm now half way to 50! WHAT! Aaron took me out for a nice meal and we had a walk along the beach afterwards. At the weekend we went for drinks with his parents, uncle and auntie and some friends.. I got drunk and had a hangover for the first time in a few years, oh dear!!

- I'm still volunteering at Barnardos and love it. They're all such a good bunch of people. We have a lot of laughs and I thoroughly enjoy doing my 3 days a week there.

- I'm loving that it's getting colder again. I love wrapping up in snuggley jumpers with a nice scarf and wearing darker colours, having more gravy dinners and stews and the smell outside in the evening. Roll on fireworks night and Christmas now :)

- I'm also absolutely loving watching Wentworth (the Australian prison drama on Channel 5) it kind of reminds me of Bad Girls, does anyone else remember that?!

Current favourite song: Nelly - Get Like Me.

What are you looking forward to the most now it's getting colder? xxx


  1. Aw those cats are soooo cute!:)
    Great post:D