Friday, 11 October 2013

I'm Not A Crazy Cat Lady.. But These Are My Cats!

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: 'Your obsession with cats is out of control and I can't handle it anymore!' 'So, you're kicking meeeowt?'
I can't be a proper cat lady, I'm not elderly (yet) or single. We do have 3 cats though. They're brothers that we picked from a litter of 7 and they've purrrfectly completely our family. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted at least one cat but I was never allowed one growing up. Aaron and I helped our neighbour rehome his 2 when we moved into our home and afterwards it made us realise how much we'd love our own.. A few weeks later we put down a deposit on 3 boys (We'd planned on getting 2, we got there and nearly picked 4 (!!) but settled with 3) and a few more weeks later brought them home.
Ever since that first day, they've been such a joy to have. They each have completely different personalities but are all so well behaved and adorable that I can't help but take wayyy too many pictures of them! I've probably taken over 1000 since we got them in May. I kid you not.

Their 2nd day with us.
They always sleep in funny/unusual positions!
My favourite picture of my boys.
We don't have human children, we have 4 legged furry cat children and we love to spoil them when we can afford to with new toys or treats. The next thing I'd love to buy them is a bigger bed or individual beds as they've outgrown their last one and are making do with a furry blanket at the moment. They also broke their last play center by all jumping on it at once, it was pretty tall and the bottom snapped!
Anyway, time to get to know them!

I'm Vinnie.. Mummy's favourite! I'm the soppiest cat you'll ever have the pleasure of hearing purr ;) I enjoy playing with my brothers but I look much cuter when I'm keeping mummys lap warm whilst being fussed over and she doesn't even mind me snoring, phew! I'm a real softie where humans are concerned and thoroughly enjoy being cradled in mummy's arms, I'll purr away and often have a snooze.. With my brothers I give as good as I get when we play fight! I love a belly rub but if I'm in play mode mummy or daddy may get a little nibble, oops! I also like chilling out on the kitchen window sill watching the world go by, sleeping on mummys handbag or sitting on mummy or daddys warm laptop.. when they're trying to use it ;) I've been poorly the last few months with swollen paws and mouth ulcers but mummy found me a different, more caring vets and they figured out I have an immune deficiency and may well be on tablets for life. I'm ok with taking them and I'm starting to feel a bit better already, yipee! :)

I'm Chester, I'm a daddy's boy and also the boss! I'm the smallest but the most energetic, nosey curious and mischievous out of the 3 of us and also the most likely to make mummy or daddy laugh - for instance when I stand on my back feet like a meerkat - I do have a soppy side too though. I enjoy jumping up into the kitchen sink (ever since daddy tried to get me to drink from the tap..) much to mummys annoyance!! I also have a game I play with daddy where he picks me up, holds me upright on the way up to bed and I lean over and try to touch/sniff everything on the way! I absolutely love Dreamies and once even managed to jump up, grab a pack, tear it open and eat the rest of them, yummy! I'm not too fond of sharing my food, I will growl at my brothers but do end up sharing, sometimes.. This week I went to the vets and came home without my marbles, if you know what I mean! I'm healing well though and still running around like normal!

I'm Braxton, I'm the good looking one ;) and nannys favourite. I'm the biggest and have the thickest and softest furr out of the 3 of us. I love a fuss and I'm slowly growing to enjoy being picked up but not too often as I get nervous easily. I used to get scared when mummy stroked my belly like she does with Vinnie but now I enjoy it (on my terms of course) and will stretch right out for her! Daddy made me an awesome place to sleep.. A hammock hanging over the radiator but I also like to sit in the bottom of the veg rack whilst mummy cooks! I'm the most vocal, particularly when mummy is preparing our food.. My favourite game involves a bird on a string, I'm the best (quickest!) at that game. I also recently went to the vets to have my marbles removed - thanks a lot mummy and daddy!! Unfortunately I had to go back 2 days later as the stress of it made me very poorly :( I'm on tablets (bleurghh!) but they seem to be doing the trick and I have a bit more energy now.

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  1. Well I've loved meeting your three gorgeous little chaps - what a dashing bunch!

  2. What gorgeous kitties! Lovely post, I can't imagine a world without cats :)