Thursday, 29 November 2012

My sister made a blog!

My sister, Ocean and her little one, Skye come over today and I was talking to her about my blog and how much I love doing it.. Which made her want to start one! Her blog will mostly be updates on Skye as she'd like to look back when she's a bit older, which is a lovely idea :) She said it will be a baby and lifestyle blog.
Please please check it out and maybe give her a follow? :)

Ooh, this evening I got some good news, Ocean and her other half, Karl have put in for a house just down the road from us. How freaking exciting is that!! It will be great to see her and Skye lots :)

Speaking of good news, as I'm getting a good camera for Crimbo, I'm planning on starting to make YouTube videos. I've wanted to for a while but after Christmas I'm going to take the plunge, yay! Because I'll be seeing Ocean a lot more, you can expect to see her in a lot of them too, super duper excitemento!!!

Hope you're liking the Christmassy feel on the blog too ;)


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    1. Hello there! :D Hope you like the new header I made ya! xxx

  2. I nominated you for a Leibster Award :)

    Roxii x