Tuesday, 20 November 2012

mini haul

I'm not quite sure what has taken so long to get this post up as I bought these things 2 weeks ago now but better late than never, eh? And if I hadn't said, you'd never have known anyway ;)
Superdrug have their 3 for 2 so I had to get some more bits!

Collection 2000 (yes, I will keep calling them that til they actually change the bloomin packaging!) Lasting Perfection Foundation in Ivory, black hair ring/donut, 'natural black' hair dye, Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder, MUA Sheer Finish lipgloss and a foundation brush.

This foundation has been raved about by many a blogger and after deciding to try wearing foundation again (now I have a good primer - stupid large pores!) I thought I'd give this a go and I'm really glad I did! I have naturally quite oily skin too (yeah, great face I've got, eh!) so this is the kind of foundation I've needed all along. I absolutely love the packaging, its glass and it feels much more expensive that it is (£5.99) - very reasonable price. Most important of all, it's a really good product! It applied nicely, looked great and it stayed on my face so I was well impressed. Highly recommend! :)

No no no, I didn't buy 2 hair donuts, just the one on the right.. But I thought I'd sit it next to my other one (standard size that you can buy everywhere) so you can see the size difference. It's not the massive massive one you can get (which I reallyyy want but can't really afford) but it's slightly bigger and I love it! I love a big bun, it's great for when you just cannot be arsed to straighten your hair :D or if it's raining etc. I can't get my hand over this one to hold the hair in place like the smaller one so it takes slightly longer to use but I prefer it because the end result is nicer so it's worth it. This cost £5.09.

Right now my roots are about an inch from my head. It's horrible and I hate it.. So I bought this. I've been dying my hair since middle school (and had every single colour apart from grey!) my natural hair colour is chocolate brown but I prefer myself with real dark hair. BUT.. Since buying this I've been thinking about doing something different with my hair colour wise but I'm not sure what (answers on a post card!) So I'm holding off using this until I know what I'm doing! I'm not sure how much it cost cause Aaron got me it from Morissons!

I like loose powder over my foundation so I thought I'd try some of this. I like that it's sheer because when my horrible oily skin starts getting a bit shiny in the day I can brush some of this over without it making a difference to the colour (and without really needing a mirror!) The packaging is plain and simple, nothing to shout about and yeah, that's about it really! Good stuff, I likey. £2.99.

After the trouble I had with the pumping lipgloss from MUA (see this post) I thought I'd better get another lipgloss to replace it and I picked this one up. It looks dark but it's sheer so it's only very very very slight on your lips which I really like. It doesn't stay on forever but what lipglosses do! It does, however last a little longer than some others I have, maybe because it's a little bit thicker/gooeyer? I like that about it though. The packaging is cheap and cheerful but with a £1.00 price tag, you can't complain. I would repurchase and will be buying other shades (even though they're sheer!)

Lastly, the foundation brush, which Callie was fascinated by apparently!! I just got Superdrugs own brand one as I didn't know how I'd get on with the foundation but as I got on very well, once this one dies I will get a better one. Though for the price (£3.99) its actually not bad at all, it's reallyyy soft and my foundation went on lovely so there's nothing bad to say about it.

There we have it, do you have any of these items? If so what are your thoughts?

I am also going shopping Saturday with mother and we're bound to come back with A LOT so expect another haul sometime soon :)


  1. Is that brush a QVS one? I got mine 4years ago from Superdrug and it is amazing! x

    1. I think it's just Superdrug own brand one.. It doesn't have any writing on it and I chucked the packaging lol x

  2. I love your haul and i had that foundation but was not a big fan )


    1. Thank yoou :) Ohh really? I loove it! Which one do you use? x