Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas traditions..

When it comes to Christmas day (or even Christmas eve - Boxing day) most of us have traditions or a certain way we usually do things and our family is no exception although since leaving home, I haven't yet settled into my own way of doing things, which makes me sad :(

Whilst living with my parents and for as long as I can remember this was how we done things..

Christmas eve we'd stay in together in the evening and have a Chinese take away for dinner then just before we went to bed we were allowed to open one small present each.

Christmas morning we'd get up around 6/7am and we would rummage through our stockings (we both got stockings til we were 18/19!) then go into mum and dads room. When we were little we'd show them what Santa had left us but as we got older we went in to wake them up/thank them/snout through each others stockings!

Me, Mum & Ocean messing about with xmas lights last year.
 We would then all go downstairs and dad would cook a small fry up and we'd always have it with orange juice. After we'd eaten we'd all get washed and dressed and wait for each other in the living room. Once we were all there we would start opening presents (with Christmas music on) taking it in turns, one present at a time. Mum and Dad always made us read out who it was from so we could thank them afterwards - I'm really glad they done this and hate hearing of others who just wake up early hours and rip open all their presents.. I like that we shared it all together and could actually appreciate what people had bought for us - and who had bought it.
After we'd all opened our presents we would all go back and look through what we got properly, as kids we'd sit and play then when we got older we'd sort everything out/take it upstairs or try out whatever we'd got while Mum and Dad cooked lunch. We have always had a turkey for lunch and always had crackers.. and always worn the silly hats! - It's law! After lunch we'd ring round and thank everybody then carry on playing or as we got older we'd sit together as a family and play some games and have a giggle.
Boxing day was usually about seeing other family members and having a cold turkey dinner with pickles and bits like that.

Mum & Dad in the costumes Oce got them as a joke!

Last year, my sister, Ocean and I (plus our other halves - Karl and Aaron) spent Christmas at Mum and Dads. Christmas eve was exactly the same as usual - Chinese and a present before bed.
Christmas morning we had a small fry up (with orange juice!) then once we were all ready, we opened presents one at a time, appreciating every one. We sat together for a turkey dinner (with our silly hats) and a bottle of bubbles then later on in the afternoon we were playing games like Who's In The Bag? and Mr and Mrs (me and Aaron won, oohyeah!) and had many drinks. Me and Aaron left Boxing day and went to Aaron's parents where we had a cold turkey dinner and sat watching TV most of afternoon/evening (they are older remember..)

The year before mum and dad went away for Christmas and my sister went with them. We spent Christmas alone and didn't really do much to be honest! We did do most of what we usually would apart from playing games!

This year we have Christmas eve and Christmas day on our own. Aaron's parents are going away and my parents are spending Christmas day with my sister, her other half and my sisters little one, Skye.
We'll probably have a Chinese Christmas eve but I'm not sure if we'll open a present before bed.. When you get older you get way less presents!! Well, you do in our family anyway! Christmas day we'll cook a small turkey and have a bottle of bubbles but I bet we don't wear the silly hats. We'll take it in turns with presents and listen to Christmas music but it just won't feel the same, I know it.
Boxing day we have my parents round late afternoon and over night so I'm sure there will be lots of drinking and games played.. plus a cold turkey dinner. Aaron's parents will come round when they get back from their holiday and I haven't spoken to my sister about seeing them yet but we will.

Skye last week, isn't she the cutest!

I wish it still felt really special as you got older but I know for us at least, the sparkle has most definitely faded. Maybe if we have children one day, it will be for them how it was for me when I was younger.. I still get excited about decorating the house though! :)

What are your traditions and have they changed now you've left home (if you have)??

P.S.. Do you like my background? ;) - I can't wait for it to snow!


  1. Aw, I know exactly what you mean about it changing as you grow up, get older, move out. But being in a couple and having your own place means creating new traditions. Breakfast, bubbles and presents in bed perhaps.

    And Skye is super cute!

    1. Yeah that's true :) Cor that would be lush haha.. x

  2. Awww that is a lovely tradition! I love christmas so much!:)

  3. Such a lovely post, it's really nice having an insight into other people's Christmas traditions :) I don't live at home during the year but I'm always home with my family at Christmas and nothing has really changed, which is great as I like knowing how we're going to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day xx

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