Friday, 2 November 2012

Superdrug 3 for 2.. oops! = Mini haul

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on. I love when Boots do this but I'm even more chuffed that Superdrug do it too :) Naturally, I had to take advantage of it.. The offer ends 4th December so you have plenty of time to go spending!
Here's what I got..

Sowwy about the cwap piccy :(

L-R: MUA - Pumping lipgloss in Buff, MUA - Amaretto Crush, MUA - Stormy Skies, Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter, Barry M - Ruby Glitter, Barry M - Gold Mine Glitter.

MUA Pumping lipgloss in Buff..
I picked this up because I really love the colour.. I tried it when it got home and it literally felt like it was burning my lips! :( I have other plumping lipglosses so expected a minty/tingley feeling but it was not like that at all - I felt as if someone had rubbed something really hot and spicy on my lips. I left it for almost 5 minutes (hoping it would stop) but it only felt worse so I took it off. I tried it again today (2 days later) but it happened again so I can safely say I won't be using it anymore! I'll get my mum to give it a go, if not it will go in the bin. 
Has anyone else had this? Please let me know if you have!! 

MUA - Amaretto Crush..
Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this colour!!? It is pretty much the perfect colour, I love it! However, as with all MUA polishes, the brush is absolutely shite. I know its cheap but I have other brands that cost the same with a better brush on so there's no excuse.  Because of the brush, it's very streaky but if you put a lot on the brush then its workable.
If anybody knows an exact or extremely close dupe for this colour PLEASE let me know :)

MUA - Stormy Skies..
Another really pretty colour from MUA which is good and bad.. its good because its a lovely colour and cheap but it's bad because the brush is awful meaning it applies awful (and messy!) The brush on this one was the worst I've had so far, sprouting all over the place it was! The colour is very fitting with the season too.. It's a blackish colour with a goldy bronze shimmer, gorgeous.

Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter..
What a pretty, sparkley pink. I applied 4 coats to make it pretty much opaque but I can imagine a single coat would look gorgeous over a pinky shade.. I should have tried it over the MUA colour shouldn't I, duh! This colour is perfect for a night out/party but in a more subtle way, which is why I bought it.. Now I'm getting older I don't tend to pick up anything that stands out too much like a sea blue or bright orange or something.. I'm really loving more mature colours like the first MUA one.. Although that isn't always the case ;)

Barry M - Ruby Glitter..
This colour caught my eye because it looks so cute in the bottle. I was expecting it to be more of a black polish with the black and pink bits in (like the last one) as it looks black in the bottle but it comes out clear :/ Maybe that's my fault for not giving it a go before I bought it! It's no big deal really though cause I can now pick which shade I wear it with! So maybe that's a good thing!?

Barry M - Gold Mine Glitter..
I've seen this one on a few blogs and loved the look of it so I knew before I went into Superdrug that I was going to be picking it up! This is such a party season nail polish and I love it :) I don't usually like black polish but when it has glitter in I can't resist! I'm actually wearing it right now. If you done 2 good coats that would be enough but I done 3 to make it extra good ;) I used a top coat but can still feel the lumpy, glittery bits which I don't usually like but hey ho!

I actually went in Superdrug again today (naughty naughty) so expect another mini haul next week!

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  1. those barry m polishes look gorgeous!:)

  2. I've got the Ruby Glitter, and I LOVE it. It looks gorgeous layered over a both bright and dark reds, as well as over a bronze-gold (I tried and tested each colour combo so far). It's fast becoming my favourite polish of the season. I thought it was a black polish, too, when I bought it, but I actually love how it can be layered over other colours for a million looks. Bare with it! I love the look of the other two Barry M glitter paints. I'll have to invest some time soon!

    1. I cant wait to try it over like every colour I have haha :) that will keep me amused for a while! x

  3. I bought the Ruby Glitter last week, so pretty :)

    I'm loving the new Jewel Glitters from Barry M, my fave so far is the Amethyst Glitter! You will know why when you see it, it's gorgeous! :)

    Laura x

    1. I'll have to look for it next time I go to Superdrug! x

  4. Amaretto Crush is gorgeous! That's too bad about the brush though...

    1. I know :/ I need to find a dupe! :) x

  5. I love the look of glittery nail polish, but I hate the feel of it on my nails! The MUA colours are gorgeous - I can't cope with bad brushes though! I've actually saved a couple of my decent brushes from old nail polishes to use when I get a bad one!

    1. I don't either so I just try not to touch my nails, hate it being all bumpy! That's a really good idea about saving brushes :) x

  6. The Barry M glitter polishes are gorgeous- I dont blame you for splurging!