Sunday, 2 December 2012

Big Haul

I went shopping last weekend with mother and spent too much money.. A couple of things were impulse buys but I'm happy with the rest. Some things I will review in detail separately :)

Please note: I'm so sorry about the quality (or lack of) in the pictures, my camera is broken so I cant change any of the settings, it does "auto" without a flash and that it unfortunately! I'm getting a new one for Christmas though so don't fear! ;)

Oh my goodness, how flipping gorgeous are these shoes!! Mum bought these for me (everything else I bought myself) from New Look. They were £27.99 but they had 25% off. I had to have them, they're so nice! They're really comfy to walk in too which is a bonus. Love, love, love.

This is one of the impulse buys.. From New Look, £24.99. Don't get me wrong, I do really like it BUT it's actually a cabin bag so I'd look a bit of a donkey walking around with it on a normal day but I do intend to use it for days out when I know I need to take more things with me or for shopping/over night stays. I bought it wanting a hand bag but I was carrying loads of bags and think I just got it cause I knew I could stuff most of it all into one! Ah well!

I don't think I've ever been into Primark and not bought earrings.. But then saying that, I don't live right near one so I could probably count the amount of times I've ever been on 2 hands! As you can see, they were £2.50 for 12 pairs. I don't like them all but for the price it doesn't really matter does it! I like pairs: 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12. The rest I chucked in the bin.

You can never have too many socks, can you? They're from Primark but I can't remember the price (maybe £5? I binned the receipt, oopsy) but you get 5 pairs and they're all animal print so I was happy :) They're quite thin but I don't like thick normal socks, if you know what I mean? If they're meant to be thick, yeah but not on normal socks!

PJ bottoms (I actually call them jammies or jarmer bottoms) These were £5 from Primark which is bargainous, right?! They're quite soft thinnish ones with pockets and a silky tie on them. I bought these cause they reminded me of Christmas and I intend on wearing these Christmas morning/afternoon.. maybe just all day and night!

These are my new favourite jarmies! Aren't they pretty! £5 from Primark, can't go wrong can ya! They're a really soft, thick, fleecey material with cuffed bottoms to keep the warm in and a pretty pink tie. What's not to love? These are for real cold days/nights as you get too hot otherwise! I love them a lot. I would wear them out the house if I could ;)

Every man and his dog has one of these studded bags, don't they. I did want the baby pink one but the one we went to only had this one so I just got it.. It was £6 from Primark. I'm not using it as a clutch bag though, I'm using it to put make up, tissues, ibuprofen etc in, in my handbag so it's all together, how handy :)

Lastly I went to Boots with my £5 off a £20 spend voucher and knew before we even went shopping that I would be buying Soap & Glory products with it!
I originally went to the till with 2 of the new Sugar Crush body washes (£6.50 each) and the Mist You Madly travel sized body spray (£3.50 I think?).. Then realised I had the voucher so ran to pick up Peaches and Clean (£7). A different girl served me and she scanned it all through and it come to a lower price (no idea why) so I got my mum to quickly grab another body spray.. But then I realised it was 3 for 2 so when she got back, I sent her off again to get a travel sized Scrub Of Your Life (£2.50).. Needless to say, mum was a bit annoyed, I was getting hot and bothered.. and embarrassed! Plus everyone else queuing was getting annoyed but I got there in the end!!

I absolutely LOVE all of the Soap & Glory products I got (from last week and everything else previous) apart from Peaches & Clean which I had quite a nasty reaction to but I shall review each of these in more detail in the next couple of weeks, including pictures of my face after using Peaches & Clean, bet you can hardly contain yourself! ;)

What have you been buying lately?


  1. Blimey check out all the Soap and Glory! LOVE the pj bottoms; I'm cheap and buy mine in the blokes reduced bit haha! Looks like lots of goodies for you, lucky girlie! :D x

    1. Love smelling of Soap & Glory! I only had lots to spend cause I sold a load of stuff haha :D xxx

  2. Lovely haul! I just went to primark and spent way way to much!:)

  3. I have the clutch & the socks! I love Primark!

    1. Me too, wish I had more money and could go there more often! x

  4. The booties are super cute.