Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Janina whitening toothpaste

I was contacted by James Todd, the marketing executive at One Dental Clinic in Birmingham about reviewing a tube of Janina Ultra White, whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth and naturally, I jumped at the chance. Since giving up smoking (naughty naughty for even starting!) 3 years ago, I've tried numerous whitening toothpastes but none of them have amazed me enough to purchase them again.

The older I've become, the more important I've realised it is to look after your teeth and so far have been pretty lucky with them. I have quite straight/even teeth but because of smoking they can look a little yellow which I'm conscious of. I have, however bought a brilliant toothbrush recently (the new Oral B Trizone) so this teamed with a good toothpaste should lead to white teeth that 'ping!' when I smile, like in the movies right?! ;)

"Janina is a uniquely developed formula that contains the necessary natural ingredients to properly maintain your daily oral hygiene. Janina promotes faster non abrasive whitening through the patented Bromain Complex™ natural fruit enzymes, resulting in a more effective whitening result without any harm to the tooth’s enamel."

I have used the toothpaste for a little over a week now and I've got to say, I am impressed by it. I like that it is for sensitive teeth as mine can be sensitive sometimes and also that it can be used every day because I don't like ones where you're advised to use them 2-4 times a week as I just end up forgetting about them!

As you can see, the toothpaste looks white like most other toothpastes but one thing I did notice during the first use is that it has a kind of clinical taste to it (you know how your mouth tastes/feels after going to the dentist) and that it is very fresh. I actually really liked this about it because it seemed different to other whitening toothpastes I've used in the past so it actually felt cleaner and it leaves your breath fresher for longer too which is always a plus.

The tube tells you to use it twice daily and preferably for more than 3 minutes each time. It says that once brushing is complete, you spit out the excess and not to rinse your mouth with water as it allows the formulation to work for longer. I followed this to make sure I could give my honest opinion.

You only need to do a Google search to find all the other positive reviews on this product and I'm pleased to say that they were in fact spot on because I haven't been left disappointed, instead I have teeth that are visibly a couple of shades whiter than before I started using it and the toothpaste has done what it claims to do. I'm hoping with continuous use, they can look even better and should this be the case, I would definitely purchase this.

The RRP for this toothpaste is £9.69 which may seem expensive at first but if you add up the cost of all the ones I've tried and had no luck with then in my opinion it is well worth the money.

You can read about Janina whitening toothpaste via the One Dental Clinic website, here.
You can visit the Janina Ultrawhite website, here which also tell you where you can purchase it.

Have you tried this toothpaste before? - Will you now? Or have you found a different one that works for you? - Let me know! :)

*Please note: this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes.

And apologies again for the quality of pictures in this post, as I said a couple of posts back, my camera is broken so I cannot change any settings on it but I get my new one in 2 weeks so please bare with me!!

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  1. this looks great, i am always trying differnt ones out, i am using the colgate white one now!:)